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Three Doctors Telecomic #63

doctor who three doctors comic strip 4.06#Telecomics

With moments like this, I was trying to think of ways to integrate Bill’s Doctor into the story and have him take part fully in the adventure. The challenge with his dialogue was that it couldn’t actually change the script very much. So here, for example, he has a bit of a go at Omega, as his Doctor more than likely would, which gives us a slightly different take on the removal of the mask but still gets us to the same place in the story that we need to get to.


Three Doctors Telecomic #62

doctor who three doctors comic strip 4.05#Telecomics

PANEL 2: Following on from the previous instalment, you have to keep track of where Bill is relative to the others. Here he is slightly behind Jon, as to have him in front would take him out of the frame, and the whole point is to have as many shots as possible with all three of them together.

PANEL 3: Bill has now moved in front of Jon in order to aid the composition of the shot. Presumably he stepped forward to remonstrate with Omega when he reveals his plan for the Doctors

Three Doctors Telecomic #61

doctor who three doctors comic strip 4.04#Telecomics

PANEL 5: Sometimes there’s only one place Bill can go in the frame, such as here. It’s just a case of finding the right shot that you can resize him to fit with the other Doctors. The only guides we have to how tall Bill was relative to the others are the few publicity shots taken for the story with the three of them together, which show that Bill isn’t much taller than Pat…

Three Doctors Telecomic #60

doctor who three doctors comic strip 4.03#Telecomics

The shots with all three Doctors in, such as the ones here, were some of the most satisfying to create. Once you had found just the right shot of Hartnell, you then had to work out where he was standing in relation to the others, then adjust the “camera” accordingly to get him into the frame, which often meant creating a clean background to go behind him from the existing elements of the set.

Three Doctors Telecomic #59

doctor who three doctors comic strip 4.02#Telecomics

Although there were plenty of challenges to finding the right shots of Bill to drop into the scenes, and making them fit, it had the benefit of giving you more options of how to show the various Doctors together, once you’d worked out the blocking for where everyone was moving to.

Three Doctors Telecomic #58

doctor who three doctors telecomic 4doctor who three doctors comic strip 4.00doctor who three doctors comic strip 4.01#Telecomics

On TV, Jon had a tedious slow-motion wrestling match with Piggy Conehead. Here, he gets zapped by Omega doing an Emperor Palpatine, a much more interesting alternative visually, and a lot quicker to resolve!

Three Doctors Telecomic CBR#3

Here is the CBR for Part Three of our Three Doctors Telecomic.

Click on the image to download.


“Issue 4” commences Monday!