Three Doctors Telecomic #56

doctor who three doctors comic strip 3.16


PANEL 1:  Singularity gets an upgrade! A piddly little column of smoke doesn’t really come across as all that impressive. It would have been a lot better on TV if they’d just had a really bright light shining straight up and the rest of the chamber that bit darker to give it more emphasis. Instead I had to resort to a composite formed from a couple of images I found online.

PANEL 5:  Even if we all accept the storytelling conceit that Billy is there with Pat & Jon, one of the hardest things to overcome when trying to sell the illusion is shadows. If you find a great screengrab of Bill but the lighting is wrong then you have to either use another screengrab of bugger about with it to try and make it match up to the originals



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2 responses to “Three Doctors Telecomic #56

  1. Will the dark side of Omega be a big demonic monster as it was described in the Target novel?

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