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Series 9 Ratings graph

Here is the ratings graph for Series Nine, the figures for which are considerably lower than those for the previous eight!

doctor who series nine ratings



Three Doctors Telecomic CBR#4

Here’s the CBR version of Part 4 all collected together, which also reveals our next telecomic release, starting in “issue 5″…

click on the image to download


Three Doctors Telecomic #81

doctor who three doctors comic strip 4.24#Telecomics

And so we reach the end of Whopix’s telecomic version of The Three Doctors. It’s been a joy and a challenge to put this together – compositing all those images only took me two years! –  to be able to finally answer the question “What would The Three Doctors have looked like if Bill Hartnell had been in it?” and I hope you’ve enjoyed finding out the answer as much as I have!

Three Doctors Telecomic #80

doctor who three doctors comic strip 4.23#Telecomics

Rather than simply have the new dematerialisation circuit appear without explanation, I felt it better to have the head of the CIA pop up in person first to pardon the Doctor.

Three Doctors Telecomic #79

doctor who three doctors comic strip 4.22#Telecomics

And so we say goodbye to Doctor Bill & Doctor Pat. But the story isn’t quite over yet…

Three Doctors Telecomic #78

doctor who three doctors comic strip 4.21#Telecomics

I’m sure you can spot the points in the story where these shots of the Jon & Pat Doctors have been relocated from. As for Bill, the shot in Panel 3 is taken from The Space Museum, while Panel 6 is from The Ark.

And now it’s almost time to say goodbye…

Three Doctors Telecomic #77

doctor who three doctors comic strip 4.20#Telecomics

PANEL 1: A helluva lot more impressive supernova than we got on telly! It’s from The Satan Pit IIRC…

PANEL 5: It was a heck of a lot easier to have the grand reunion take place in the Tardis, rather than in the lab as it allowed for a quick exit for both of Jon’s predecessors. This shot is composed of three different elements:  Pat and the background, the Brig & Jon and Bill behind the console.

PANEL 6: Another lab shot relocated to the Tardis with Bill and Pat added to frame Jon