Three Doctors Telecomic #81

doctor who three doctors comic strip 4.24#Telecomics

And so we reach the end of Whopix’s telecomic version of The Three Doctors. It’s been a joy and a challenge to put this together – compositing all those images only took me two years! –  to be able to finally answer the question “What would The Three Doctors have looked like if Bill Hartnell had been in it?” and I hope you’ve enjoyed finding out the answer as much as I have!



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6 responses to “Three Doctors Telecomic #81

  1. Well done on putting the whole story together. Your hard work is appreciated and enjoyed!

  2. Here, here! I second that comment. A most enjoyable serial. Great work Mr. Whopix. Now… How about Tom in the 5 Doctors? After you’ve enjoyed a well earned break of course.

  3. Michael E

    Just wanted to leave a note of appreciation for all your hard work. I really enjoyed reading this and was not familiar with the story. Thanks!

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