Happy Who Year!

2016 marks fifty years since we first saw everything from Volcano, episode six of The Dalek Masterplan, to Part Three of The Highlanders. And every year up until 2039 will be the fiftieth anniversary of some Who story or other…

doctor who 1966

Volcano went out fifty years ago today, New Year’s Day 1966, and saw the epic adventure of The Dalek Masterplan restart after a week off buggering about with not a Dalek in sight. You don’t notice it straight away but this gives the story a Part One and Part Two structure that allows for a Story Gap between the two where a lot more adventuring than just The Feast of Steven can take place…

dalek master plan big finish

With every Classic Series story having been Fan Edited over at Whoflix, a project that we finally completed last year, it seems that the time is right to undertake my own viewing marathon and rewatch all those edits [and listen to the ones we can’t see], starting today, at the rate of one  a day. Feel free to join in, and if you’ve not watched a Fan Edit before then feel free to start!

It’s going to be an interesting journey as this will be the first time in years I’ve watched any of these edits since completing them. Ever since DWM’s Time Team came along, a viewing marathon has become a fan rite of passage but the idea of doing it with the broadcast episodes fills me with dread. Fan edits on the other hand run, on average, about the length of a New Series episode so one of those a day will be easy enough to do and the whole thing should be over by about the end of July. January will be taken up with Hartnell, February with Troughton, March with Pertwee and April & the beginning of May with Tom and the rest of May with Davison. June will see out Colin,  with July covering Sylv & McGann.

As far as Fan Edits in 2016 are concerned, the only one outstanding from the Classic Series is The Underwater Menace. I’m currently working on that one, trying to do something a bit better than just static telesnaps for the missing eps. It’ll be ready when it’s ready. In the meantime there’s the audio edit and the comic strip version to be going on with. The only other edits to do are from the New Series, unless, as a result of my viewing marathon, I decide to go back and redo something…!

2016 will also see our second Telecomic, the other obvious one to do after The Three Doctors…

five doctors tom baker preview 1



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