The Five Doctors Telecomic #4


doctor who five doctors comic strip tom baker 1.05

This gives you your first real inkling as to why I set the fourth Doctor’s intro sequence here. Having had his old outfit totally Mandrell’d, he’s off to get himself a new one…

As I mentioned in a previous post, this makes sense if Nightmare of Eden takes place after Shada and not before it. His clothes getting torn to shreds gives him a legitimate reason to get himself a new outfit, and there’s nothing to say that the transmission order of the stories is the same as the order in which the Doctor experienced them…

PANEL 1: The Tardis background was grabbed from the Season 17 DVDs, and so I needed to lighten the roundels to the left of Tom’s head to match those of the Tardis set from Season 16.

PANEL 4 : Blake’s Seven fans will immediately recognise this geezer from Gambit, a rather dodgy Season Two ep. Doctor Who fans know him better as Aubrey Woods, the Controller from Day of the Daleks. Once I’d worked out that the Doctor was going to change his gear, I needed a sequence to show that. Hence the Doctor’s arrival at his favourite designer’s gaff…

PANEL 5: Kolpasha is where the comic strip Victims was set, DWM’s attempt to explain the Doctor’s change of clothes.

PANEL 6: Hudson Mode is a mash up of June Hudson and Edna Mode!



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5 responses to “The Five Doctors Telecomic #4

  1. Ooh, this is a fun detour! Much more interesting than him just pulling it out of the wardrobe.

    • whopix

      I thought so, glad you’re enjoying it. I felt it was important to establish the new cossie and the reasons for it properly before he gets timescooped and we get into the story proper.

  2. Loving this strip.
    I read some years ago that Tom and Gareth Thomas had a conversation
    about wanting the 4th Doc. to appear in a corridor in the background of a Blakes 7 story. Perhaps there’s a future story waiting for you to create around Tom/Romana and Gambit?

  3. Tim Lemmens

    I love this moment in your comic strip (love the rest of it too) as I think the series should more often explore places like an intergalactic bakery, police station (possibly filled with Judoon), fire department, barber shop,… In short, if our earthly shops and services were duplicated in space, what woud it look like.

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