The Five Doctors Telecomic #17

doctor who titan comics five doctors comic strip 2.02

Sontarans! Hooray!

I’ve never liked the whole “easy as Pi” scene as it makes no sense, so instead I wanted to work in another monster cameo and who better than the potato heads. Looking at the various versions of them in all their stories, in the Classic Series that is, I reckon Lynx is the best looking so I used him over any of the others whose names begin with “S”.

And since Sontarans are meant to be a clone race for once we get to see them all looking the same, which left me with the problem of how to differentiate between them. The answer was simple – give the leader a gold collar and helmet to denote his rank.

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One response to “The Five Doctors Telecomic #17

  1. A touch of genious including the Sontarans. Makes perfect sense when you consider they invaded Gallifrey earlier. Cracking touch with the gold collar/headgear.

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