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The Five Doctors Telecomic #32

doctor who titan comics five doctors comic strip 2.17

PANEL 4: Although it’s a nice gag when they all say “fortunately I do” on telly, in the telecomic it proved far too problematic so I just gave the line to Bill instead!


The Five Doctors Telecomic #31

doctor who titan comics five doctors comic strip 2.16

PANEL 1: Funny how nobody remarked on this at the time. I needed an extra panel for this page so cutting back to Susan & Turlough, who simply get ignored in the original, gave me a panel to complete the page.

PANEL 6: Pertwee gets a bit Meta here. Fictionally, it’s Prezza Borusa. Factually it’s Uncle Terrance.

The Five Doctors Telecomic #30

doctor who titan comics five doctors comic strip 2.15

PANEL 5: On telly we cut back to the Doctors before we hear Tegan reply to Sarah’s question but here we do hear her replying.

PANEL 6: A variation of the Brig’s line in The Three Doctors. Had to be done!

The Five Doctors Telecomic #29

doctor who titan comics five doctors comic strip 2.14

PANEL 1: I like the fact that for once, here we actually get to see the effects of time travel with 1973 Jon meeting the 1983 Brig

PANEL 3: On telly, we don’t hear what Jon says, if anything, as he shoves Pat out the way when he returns to study the obelisk so in the telecomic version I gave him a line to help make sense of the image in the panel.

PANEL 4: If Tom had taken part, I’m sure there would have been some sort of reunion moment for him and Sarah while Jon is talking to the Brig. A lack of available panels meant I cut it back to a repeat of the Aberdeen gag from School Reunion.

The Five Doctors Telecomic #28

doctor who titan comics five doctors comic strip 2.13

PANEL 4: The first thing to do here was to extend the background to accommodate Dr Tom, then replace the heads on his predecessors. I had Tom use the Brig’s first name, ¬†something Dr Jon hardly ever did, just to differentiate their relationship with him.

PANEL 6: Sometimes you have enough panels to tell each segment of the story, sometimes you have one too many, as here. ¬†I think the dialogue here is in keeping with the original, something you’re always conscious of having to do, and it’s a nice little acknowledgement of the Dicks Doctrine of “same man, different face”.

The Five Doctors Telecomic #27

doctor who titan comics five doctors comic strip 2.12

This was one of the few places in the story where I could add in some new material, inspired by a moment during the “Five Doctors, One Studio” DVD extra where Pat offers Jon a jellybaby. It was such a lovely moment I just had to find a way to work it into this version, all the more so given that Tom was there too!

The Five Doctors Telecomic #26

doctor who titan comics five doctors comic strip 2.11

PANEL 1: When it came to Pat’s Doctor the easiest option was to take all his heads from The Three Doctors since he was already in colour! In this, not only is his hair flat his costume is bloody awful, like bad cosplay. The shirt is a horrible dingy grey with a collar that looks nothing like the one he wore when playing the role and those trousers look like the ones he wore in his first two stories. Luckily most of his shots are from the waist up from here on in!