The Five Doctors Telecomic #20

doctor who titan comics five doctors comic strip 2.05

When it was just Cybermen getting sliced’n’diced things were easy, but once you add in a whole bunch of Sontarans also getting chopped up things get more complicated!

I knew I could use shots from The Time Warrior where Lynx was fighting with Dr Jon and Irongron, so that bit was fairly easy. The hard part was integrating the two Sontarans – silver collar and gold collar versions – within the long shot of the Cybermen getting zapped. Once I’d managed that all I had to do was to Google some pix of lighting bolts and colour them green.

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March 4, 2016 · 12:00 pm

One response to “The Five Doctors Telecomic #20

  1. …In fact I’d go as far as to say it looks “better” than the televised material.

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