The Five Doctors Telecomic #25

doctor who titan comics five doctors comic strip 2.10

As per the TV version, Dr Jon is the first to arrive, looking rather different to his appearance in the original. I was never going to just do “the TV story but with Tom in it”. I always intended to replace the heads of the first three Doctors with the “correct” versions, and for Pertwee that meant replacing 1983 Jon with 1974 Jon.

If the Third Doctor has been timescooped from somewhere between The Time Warrior and Planet of the Spiders – he recognises Sarah, putting this, I would argue, somewhere between Peladon and Metebelis Three – then he would have been wearing a bow tie, as he did during that run of stories, instead of an open-necked shirt. I’ll leave it to your inner fanboy to have fun working out where all the Jon shots have come from! It wasn’t always easy to find a 1974 shot where he was looking in more or less the same direction as a 1983 shot!

PANEL 2: Dr Jon refers to Sarah’s line from when they first met earlier in the story

PANEL 3: A reference back to Tom’s line about Jon in The Brain of Morbius

PANELS 4 & 5: You’ll notice that Jon and Tom have swapped places as they passed by each other between panels. Since I couldn’t do much about where the TV Doctors were standing around the obelisk, I had to find a way to get Tom into the only gap where he could go, which was screen right.


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4 responses to “The Five Doctors Telecomic #25

  1. Wow, that’s a nice touch with the heads. Curious to see what Pat looks like. Especially considering the continuity error / Season 6B thing with Jamie and Zoe.

    • whopix

      If Jon has been timescooped from somewhere between The Monster of Peladon and Planet of the Spiders, then to me it made sense that he should look like he did back then. It would have been too easy just to leave the Non-Tom Doctors looking exactly the same. I wanted to do something different enough to justify all the work it was going to take putting the pages together. And to have some fun with it!

      As for Pat, let’s just say he won’t look as he did in the original!

  2. Jamie

    Good to see some actual continuity missing from the TV showing in the form of a ‘last season’ bow tie for Pertwee. Wise to stick with the new cape though. Pleasing to learn that Troughton’s hair won’t be looking as flat as a pancake. How convenient he was given a fur coat just prior to a sting in the freezing Death Zone. Mr Whopix – did you ever consider a ghost companion moment for Baker? K-9 with Romana 2/Mrs Baker could have presented itself with the scope for a knowing line or two. By the way, this 5 Doc’s rearrangement looks superb and pretty darn seamless. Thank you.

    • whopix

      No, I didn’t consider a “ghost companion” moment for Tom. It never crossed my mind as 1] I was more concerned with getting him to the Tomb as quickly as possible and 2] he was following the Hurndall part of the plot from the original so I felt it best to stick to that.

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