The Five Doctors Telecomic #37

doctor who titan comics five doctors comic strip 3.03

Since we were doing the Fourth Doctor version of this story, there was no point in cutting away to the other Doctors’ plotlines. One I had more than enough work to do just putting Tom in the story, and Two it was hard enough finding heads for Jon and Pat for the finale, never mind the rest of the story. The other Doctors sections wouldn’t have been different enough to justify their inclusion, whereas we could get lots of “new” material with Tom.




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2 responses to “The Five Doctors Telecomic #37

  1. This was one thing I found odd about Borusa’s reveal. The previous Doctors don’t really react to the fact that their old teacher is the evil maniac.

    • whopix

      I thought that too so I took the opportunity to give Jon & Tom a reaction, riffing on Tom’s line in The Invasion of Time. I also thought Jon should say something since he’s the “moral indignation” Doctor

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