The Five Doctors Telecomic #44


doctor who titan comics five doctors comic strip 3.10

Since this is the Fourth Doctor version of the story, it made sense to me to have him take the lead in answering Rassilon instead of the First Doctor as in the original. Having the Hurndall Doctor work out what the old proverb meant always struck me as nonsense, since he’s the youngest and least experienced of all of them. To my mind, if anyone should have worked it out, it should have been the Fifth Doctor.



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2 responses to “The Five Doctors Telecomic #44

  1. That’s something that stuck out to me, too, but it was more because the day was saved by the fella who *hadn’t* been the Doctor, as opposed one of the ones who had.

    • whopix

      My thoughts exactly! I can’t imagine why they didn’t give it to Peter since 1] he’s the oldest and most experienced so most likely to work it out anyway and 2] he’s just mind-linked with his other selves and so he no knows what they know. Even giving it to Jon or Pat would have been better than Hurndall!

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