The Five Doctors Telecomic #54

doctor who titan comics five doctors comic strip 3.23

Next stop, The Leisure Hive of Argolis…




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22 responses to “The Five Doctors Telecomic #54

  1. Danny

    What a fantastic reinterpetation! Faithful, but adding Tom (and Bill) with a few nice Easter Eggs 🙂

  2. This was very good! Glad you did this! Looking forward to the downloadable collection!

    Also, suggestion for new comic – “Time Crash”, but with Peter Davison looking his age?

  3. Hudson Yee

    Now that you’re done with this, are there any more Telecomics you plan on doing. Maybe some original stuff?

    • whopix

      There are a few other ideas I’ve got, things I’d like to do for myself. As for original stuff, that’s something else I’m thinking about but the main problem is the sheer amount of work involved. It’s very time consuming isolating all the shots of the elements you are adding to the story and then compositing the images. So you REALLY need to be motivated to do it, otherwise you’ll just give up and quit with it unfinished.
      The only other multi-Doctor story is The Two Doctors but I’m not convinced that it could be made different enough for people to want to look at or for me to be motivated enough to do it! What would YOU like me to do next?

      • re: “The Two Doctors” – my biggest gripe is that it should’ve been Colin’s Doctor sent to be sent by the Time Lords, and Pat’s Doctor and Jamie get sent to rescue him and Peri. Would’ve solved a lot of continuity problems.

      • whopix

        agreed but it would be a nightmare to do as a telecomic!

      • Hudson Yee

        Maybe a story with all 13 doctors (including the War Doctor) This is something that has been in my imagination for a while now and I feel like you’re the one who can bring it to life.

      • whopix

        all 13!?!? have you any idea of how much work that would be?
        Anyway, I don’t think it’s possible to top the “Ten Doctors” comic strip –

  4. Jill Schaeffer

    Since this is over, do you plan on doing more telecomics?

    • whopix

      I do have some ideas for things I’d like to do. For Hartnell & Troughton – you could redo some of their stories as colourised version with a few changes here and there, such as The Underwater Menace which I’ve already done. You could also do some crossovers perhaps, such as the obvious one with Blake’s 7, maybe for Tom or Jon. Or you could maybe do some original stuff, maybe for The War Doctor with a young John Hurt, there’s plenty of his stuff on DVD that you could use. The Three and Five Doctors telecomics were an obvious place to start but now that they’re done it’s a case of being motivated enough to undertake all the work involved isolating the elements and compositing the frames to do something else. That said, I do like the format I came up with and I would be keen on doing some more. I would just have to be very sure that I could see it through to completion!

      If I were to do some more, what would YOU like to see?

  5. One thing you’ve not explained, what happens to K9’s voice to change it back?

  6. How about a pre Ecclestone story featuring Hurts’ War Dr. and Jacobis’ Master? I think it could be quite epic in your capable hands.

    • whopix

      Yeah, that’s an idea I’ve thought of myself. Only problem is that the Hurt Doctor would have to lose his memory of the Jacobi Master as he doesn’t recognise him in “Utopia”. Even though Jacobi has used the Chameleon Arch, you’d still expect the Tennant Dr to recognise his face…

      • mmmmm. Good point. Maybe have the Time Lords involved to wipe the Hurt Dr.s’ mind or perhaps Jacobis’ Master could appear in cunning disguise like the Delgado/Ainley Masters’ did. Although, techinically, does it really matter as, at the time Tennant met Jacobi in “Utopia”, the events of the Time War hadn’t been altered yet, so perhaps Tennants’ Doc. could have lost all memory of their encounter, along with his memory of his previous self, due to the events and trauma held within the time locked incident?

  7. Lord Zontar

    Hello, I’ve been following this ever since I stumbled across it. Great work. But the whole collected telecomic here seems to be missing the page between 43 and 44 and some of your pages are a bit scrambled. You might want to straighten that out a bit?

  8. Hudson Yee

    What about a comic with the Ninth Doctor’s adventures in Clive’s pictures?

    • whopix

      Possibly… RTD says that by the time of Rose he’s been the Doctor for a while so he could easily have had all those adventures before he met Ms Tyler…

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