Dawn of the Doctor, a mini-telecomic

history of the time war
PREVIOUSLY: The Night of The Doctor.


time war telecomic 1.1

Set at the end of The Night of the Doctor, in this version we get to see the regeneration. On telly Paul McGann drops out of sight, but in this version he falls against that stone slab he was propped up against earlier and changes into John Hurt! I also made up a mock title sequence for along the top of the page, adapted from the NotD intro.

time war telecomic 1.2

Given the Hurt Doctor’s reluctance to even be called “the Doctor” anymore, it seemed only right that it should be the first words he says in this version. As you would expect, all the shots of John Hurt in this are from the BBC’s 1979 production of Crime And Punishment.

time war telecomic 1.3

In this version he doesn’t put the bandolier thingy on, as adding it to every shot of him would have been a nightmare. It was hard enough putting Hurt’s head on McGann’s body…

time war telecomic 1.4

And then it’s off to Gallifrey, where Cardinal Servalan Olistra and a younger looking  Rassilon from The Living Daylights are waiting!

Having younger versions of Jacqueline Pearce and Timothy Dalton in the mix was too good an opportunity to pass on. Think of The Time War as the ultimate Doctor Who meets Alien meets Blake’s Seven meets James Bond crossover!



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11 responses to “Dawn of the Doctor, a mini-telecomic

  1. Oh wow, this is very interesting. Sort of like Babelcolour’s video of the Time War in comic form…

    Will there be more?

  2. Hudson Yee

    Speaking of the Time War, what about a version of The Day of the Doctor but with Eccleston in it, and in light of that also have Hurt in it.

  3. OooooooooH! ‘citing! That’s frickin’ awesome. 5 thumbs up!

  4. Hudson Yee

    Are you gonna make a CBR out of this?

  5. Wasn’t Romana II still the High President of Gallifrey at this point? Or does the regeneration into the War Doctor occur after her removal?

  6. Good blog post. I definitely appreciate this website. Keep it up!

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