Power of the Daleks is here!

The wait is over and The Power of the Daleks animation is finally here!

Overall, it’s a very good effort with the only irritant being that there are sections where they haven’t accurately recreated the telesnaps such as the existing 8mm section where Polly recalls what the Doctor said in the tracking room. That and the fact that we don’t see the Doctor getting up off the floor, one minute he’s sitting up, next he’s standing. For those who don’t know the existing footage that well it shouldn’t be a problem, but surely they knew the fans would notice. And knowing they would notice, why not do it properly?

On the plus side they do put the regeneration before the opening credits!




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2 responses to “Power of the Daleks is here!

  1. Mister Fifty1

    I saw it in the theaters last night and overall, I thought it was good. Had a problem with Ben’s face in that it never really seemed to change expression; he always had that same sour look. Also, found a continuity error: When the Doctor and Ben are brought back to the room to wait, a door slams…yet the door stays open in the animation. No biggie, just fun to point those things out.

    • whopix

      There’s another one in the last episode with the Examiner’s badge. One of the downsides of completing the project so close to release with multiple animators. Will do a proper Blooper post for it after I get the DVD next week. And will try to fix as many as I can in the Fan Edit…

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