Jodie Whittaker IS The Doctor!

jodie whittaker doctor who

thirteen doctors.jpg


3 responses to “Jodie Whittaker IS The Doctor!

  1. I would have liked it to have been David Bradley, but it’s no skin off my nose!
    Let’s wish her well and give her a chance!

  2. Craig Sanwell

    Well I’m over the moon. This is as historic as when Hartnell’s Dr. regenerated for the very first time and gaurantees the show continue well into the 21st century and beyond… and I really couldn’t watch Kris Marshall as the Dr. He doesn’t carry enough gravitas or weight for me.

  3. I haven’t seen her in anything before, but I trust Chibnall’s judgement. I’m sure she’ll be excellent. The Doctor’s never been miscast before, and I doubt she has been now.

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