Twice Upon A Time…

… hmmm, anybody else have some questions after seeing rather brilliantly fan-pleasing trailer for the upcoming Xmas ep? I do! As well as the usual pointless speculation…

The trailer starts with a shot of the TARDIS from The Tenth Planet before giving us an amazing morph from Hartnell to Bradley. Looking again at the shot, you can see that it’s actually a shot of Hartnell on top of Bradley and not the other way round…

Which means we’re going to get some recreations of moments from The Tenth Planet in the Special… yay! It makes budgetary sense to give the new Mondas Cybs another run out, never mind that they did for Twelvy like they did for One…

… moments such as this, where Hartnell’s regeneration starts a lot earlier than we thought it did in the original… but why is Polly’s dress pink instead of red???

And why is Bradley wearing the wrong gloves? They had him wearing the correct  fingerless ones in An Adventure In Space And Time, so what went wrong there?

…Bill’s back, Potts that is, so hooray! But please, no Clara… and we get Twelve in One’s TARDIS and One in Twelve’s TARDIS… [as well as the regulation explosions and what may or may not be Vortis…]

In terms of pointless speculation, I reckon the two Doctors are stuck in the closing moments of The War Games, as the Time Lords do their best Deus Ex Machina and resolve the story, thought that might be a fanwank too far even for Moffat… Peter Capaldi will clearly encourage Bradley Hartnell to embrace the change, only to realise that he has to do the same as well.

As for Gaytits, he’s either one of the War Lords or he’s the equivalent of Lieutenant Carstairs from that story. Or he’s simply channeling Captain Darling from Blackadder 4. Or he’s the Sam Kisgart Master… or Edward Brayshaw regenerated and trying to escape…

But I reckon he’s just a bargain basement Brigadier.

And I bet he says “Splendid fellows… both of you!”

…and Twelvy will regenerate in the TARDIS, where else. And we all know what happens then…




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8 responses to “Twice Upon A Time…

  1. Peter

    I couldn’t help noticing the gloves either; I suspect that this may not be the First Doctor at all, but a certain *ahem* master of disguise.

  2. Murphotron

    The gloves aren’t even right in AAITAS either! In Tenth Planet they are just one large knitted hole for the fingers and one for the thumb (have a pair myself). First thing I noticed from the Children in Need clip – wrong gloves. And yet new photos from DWM show fingerless mittens in the cybership! Nicked a pair off a frozen WWI officer to cover up his glowing hands perhaps?

    Not that Who fans are obsessive about detail or anything!

    • whopix

      Yeah, noticed that myself when I was reading the article on Bradley Hartnell’s clobber in the latest DWM, but at least the AAISAT ones look right!

      I’ll correct it in the telecomic version…

  3. Why is Bradley’s T.A.R.D.I.S. diff from Hartnell’s T.A.R.D.I.S. ?

    • whopix

      Like Bradley, it’s an approximation of the real thing and not the real thing.

      • Yeah, but they could have made it correct, if they went to the trouble of building another why not make it match? I just think that is bad…unless I am missing something. Also, I think you meant to say the closing minutes of the 10th Planet and not War Games.

      • whopix

        By the end of Hartnell’s tenure, the white window frames had been painted out so it’s not as wrong as you think it is. What they did get wrong was the Pull To Open panel, which, according to this telesnap from The Smugglers… []
        should be white not blue. It seems they were going for an approximation of the “classic” look of the classic series box instead of being accurate.

        The reason I said The War Games was the battelfield scenes. At the time I made the post I didn’t know it was WWI and not WWII.

        It’s always interesting to look back on speculation posts like these and see just how wrong you were!

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