GoOD OMeNs & Dr Who…

Among the many good reasons for watching GOOD OMENS on Amazon Prime [or downloaded onto yer PC if you know where such things are still shared] is the sheer number of connections the series has to Doctor Who. There are plenty of Mr Meaker moments to be found among the cast and many of the names on the other side of the camera will be familiar too. But here’s an easter egg that’s not so obvious. In fact, you’ll only get it if you really know your Who…

At 14m 29s into Part One, “In The Beginning”, Daniel Night Terrors Mays is driving his about to give birth any minute Mrs to the nearby convent, run by the Satanic Nuns, where Crowley [David Tennant] is going to totally f#ck up switching the American Ambassador’s baby for the Antichrist. Like what they did in The Omen only funny.

Take a look at the number plate of the car…



Tardis backwards, or sdrawkcab if you prefer.

Nice one. Good to know that Neil Gaiman’s fan credentials remain intact.

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