We Need To Talk About Whoflix…

As long term Whopixers will know, the sister site to this one, Whoflix, is where I shared my Doctor Who Fan Edits. It took me 12 years to fan edit everything from An Unearthly Child to Twice Upon A Time. That’s 281 adventures, and 352 fan edits when you count everything, including those edits that have been done more than once. That makes me the most experienced fan editor on the planet and Doctor Who Fan Editor In Chief.

Initially, the plan was to rework the Classic Series to make it more like the post-2005 version: self-contained stories, mostly, and told at a faster pace. Two reasons for that:

1] There’s a helluva lot of padding in those old 1963-1989 episodes and that can act as a barrier to people getting into the original run who’ve only come to Doctor Who as a result of seeing the current one. If a fan edit can get someone interested in the old show who otherwise might not be, to my mind that’s a good thing.

2] Whopix enjoys watching cut-down versions without all the bits he doesn’t like in them. When I started fan editing, I was just doing it for myself and only later decided to share them. People seemed to like them and a small but devoted following was the result. Which was nice. However…

As the years went by I became less and less enamoured with the direction of travel, culminating in the miscasting of Jodie Shittaker as the Cosplay Vagina Doctor. And so I got off the fan bus. And told  Whopixers and Whoflixers alike that, for me, this was Game Over and I wouldn’t be watching.

I didn’t watch Series 11 when it went out, still haven’t and I don’t intend to watch Series 12 either. Not interested. Don’t care.

Now, you could say that I should have kept my big mouth shut and kept my opinions to myself. Fair enough. But to stay silent and say nothing wasn’t an option.

It wasn’t an option for Nerdrotic or Bowlestrek or Doomcock and it wasn’t an option for me. My conscience wouldn’t let me. And I don’t have a “brand” to damage with my opinions so, since I’m just an Old Skool Seventies Fanboy who thinks the world has gone nuts, I said what I thought.

And so, rightly or wrongly, I railed against the SJW NPC crowd with their toxic, idiotic Marxist Identity Politics. It wasn’t long before the critical comments started appearing, and all for having the temerity to dissent from the groupthink.

And then, today, I got a message from a Whoflixer by the name of “Bob”, informing me that someone had made a video about me on YouTube…

Now I don’t know about you but I find it both surprising and shocking that Samuel Davis, aka DAVIS on YouTube, would make a video about my work. Before I go any further, up front I have to say that I haven’t watched the video yet, for the sake of my blood pressure, and that I’m in two minds about whether to do so.

Since he didn’t contact me beforehand telling me he was putting the video together, and thus giving me the right of reply, I can only assume it’s some sort of hatchet job. Hence my reluctance to watch it.

However, a quick trawl through his videos showed that I had watched one of his previous vids, 5 Unpopular Opinions About Doctor Who:

In that video, he says, and I quote:

“You come to my videos for an opinion piece. All I, or anyone else, can speak for are their own opinions.”

Well, one of my opinions is that the Chibnall iteration of Doctor Who is one I don’t want to watch.

Another is that “Nice Lefty” Moffat is responsible for the decline of the show to the point where I no longer want to watch any new episodes.

Which brings us to Whoflix.

Now, the first thing to say is that fan edits are a niche pursuit, a minority interest. Normally, on a good day, the site gets about thirty-plus visitors and a couple of hundred views. But then Davis puts up his attack video, assuming it is an attack video, and THIS happens:

So first I need to thank him for the increased traffic, which has continued into today, which is the graph line in pink at the extreme right. 

In terms of the site’s outreach, and by extension the popularity globally of my work, such as it is, the All Time map of where in the world people are visiting from, as it stands today, looks like THIS:

So the UK and the US are, unsurprisingly, where Whoflix is the most popular. But as you can see, there’s an awful lot of pink on that map…

Apart from Greenland, Svalbard, Papua New Guinea, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, and most of Africa, the Whoflix Empire has a global reach. Which I reckon is a good thing as it shows the level of interest in fan edits as a creative genre.

And so, because of all this unwanted attention, I’ve decided to make the Whoflix site Private instead of Public. If you want to download my work from now on, you’ll have to ask for an invite. If nothing else, that should help keep the trolls at bay.

19 thoughts on “We Need To Talk About Whoflix…

  1. I’m sorry to hear that you’re making Whoflix private. I’ve really been enjoying your work for the past year, and I’d like to keep seeing your new edits. If you decide to let me access them I do wonder how the invite acts. Does it work like a password or would we need anything else?

  2. Just a “thank you” for letting us know what is going on. Really enjoy your work (and looking forward to future edits) and was concerned when the site went private. So thank you.

    • Thanks. There will be future fan edits, one attack piece isn’t going to stop me. But I don’t need a site flooded with SJW trolls that I then have to spend time blocking. So Davis left me with no choice. Priority will be given to those who have already posted comments as I know they’re not trolls in disguise.

  3. Sorry to hear about the trolls! I’ve commented on Whoflix a few times under my real name (Bud). I sent an invite request after registering an actual wordpress account and I realized you wouldn’t recognize the new username. Thanks for all your hard work in the project!

  4. I didn’t normally have an account, so I had to make one just to request the invite. Would still accept the invite on new accounts, or are you only accepting invites from old, established accounts.

  5. Just wanted to let you know that I’ve watched (okay, skimmed) the video and for the most part it’s actually very positive towards you. It only goes a bit funny towards the end when he starts calling you out for your opinions of the female doctor and the Moffatt era.

    I generally tune out when it comes to politics, both on your (sorry) rants and on the youtuber’s rants. As far as I’m concerned, I’m just here for Doctor Who.

    It’s sad that you’ve gone private but I do understand why you’ve done it. If it’s okay with you, I’d like access. I probably already have all of your edits downloaded already but I’d hate to miss out on anything.

    Anyway, thanks.

    • Thanks for that, Gavin. Appreciated.

      My “rants” come from a deeply held conviction that much of the pro-feminist messaging in modern media, including the current iteration of Who, is nothing more than cleverly disguised misandry. Which is just as wrong as misogyny. However, be that as it may…
      Whilst it’s important, I think, to explain to your audience why you made the cuts you did, thanks to Samuel Davis my opinions [and thereby the reasons why I made some of the cuts I did] have become the story instead of the edits themselves.
      As I explain elsewhere, I had been planning on doing a “detox” for some time, Davis just beat me to it! And you’re right, people come for the edits, not necessarily the reasons why the editor made the edits he did. I appreciate that and I get it.

      Davis made no attempt to contact me prior to releasing his video and, whilst it may be complementary overall [still haven’t watched it], being put “in the crosshairs” at the end explains precisely why he didn’t. That’s his choice. I should have seen it coming, but it blindsided me. The Internet equivalent of being suckerpunched. And so, to head off the hoard of trolls who were surely heading my way, I went Private.

      The long-planned detox is ongoing but 1] I’ve got several years’ worth of posts to go through covering 281 adventures and 2] I can’t and won’t remove everything just because some kid with a YouTube channel has a go at me for not thinking what he thinks.

      In time, once the dust has settled a bit, we shall come back. Yes, we shall come back. Until then…

  6. Dear some guy with a website!

    For the record, it’s not an attack piece. I deeply admire fan-edits and enjoyed your justifications. Whilst it isn’t the type of fan interaction you seem to be looking for, (nor am I probably the type of fan) there’s only critique in the motive, and not so much the work itself. I do deeply disagree with the increasingly ‘off the deep end’ insulting direction the website took, but in the video I accept it. I don’t mind if you don’t watch the thing you’re preemptively defending yourself against, but I do think it’s a genuine shame hiding your impressive library of fan-work, simply at the threat of constructive criticism. I’m glad a small channel like mine succeeded in bringing more people to the site, but I wasn’t simply going to not warn them about diving into a rabbit hole.

    Some kid with a Youtube Channel

    (A particular favourite is your interpretation of Terror of the Zygons, great edit.)

  7. Hi there, I’ve just been recommended this page. I’ve played with the idea of doing reduxes myself, for the exact same reasons you gave.

    Was wondering if I could get access? It would be much appreciated!

  8. Hey, love the edits. Don’t know how to use wordpress so I have no clue how to properly find a way to ask you for an invite so….Can I have an invite?

    • I think the way it works is you need to create a WordPress account, which doesn’t mean you need to start a blog. Just navigate to the site and request access. It’s only to keep the trolls at bay.

      • I think your method of setting things to private in concern for obtaining constructive criticism is still bit of a knee-jerk reactions and not a healthy alternative for self-improvement.

        I’m not gonna preach, or “troll” to speak of cause I know I’ll probably be tuned out. Just saying that you’re a good editor, you make watching classic who fun and digestible. Just hope all the later political issues and the immature belittlement on the later series 11 and 12 of WHO doesn’t leave a sour taste in my mouth.

        Anywho, looking for that invite. which I’m still looking for on your front page despite already having an account.

      • Don’t bother looking for an invite. You’re not getting one. If you’re too thick to be able to request one, when 175 others have managed it, don’t go looking to be the 176th.

        “immature belittlement”? That kind of “constructive criticism” I can do without, thanks very much.

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