Steelbook Art Fix

Selective Authenticity. It’s a pet peeve of mine.

Take the TARDIS’ “pull to open” door panel.

It’s on the wrong side but they animate it in line with what was seen on screen even though what was seen on screen is, as any fan knows, “wrong”. Authentic but still wrong.

And then they go and change other things into something other than what was seen on screen and thus make them Inauthentic. Hence the concept of Selective Authenticity.

You can’t do much about it in a fan edit but you can at least fix the steelbook art to make right what’s accurate but still wrong…

Much better, right?

When it comes to Evil of the Daleks, I can’t wait to see if they animate the door panel as authentically when the TARDIS gets nicked at the start of the story, ‘cos if you look at the second telesnap for Part One it appears to be missing completely…

…only for it to reappear on the wrong side when it turns up again on Skaro in Part Six!

…which should of course, be THIS instead:

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