The New Avengers Destroy The TARDIS!

Much like Dr Who returned after a long time away from the UK’s TV screens, The Avengers, a hit show from the Sixties, returned as The New Avengers, in the Seventies.

In the original, also created by Dr Who’s Dad, Sydney Newman, it was John Steed and Emma Peel. Yes there was Tara King & Cathy Gale as well, but it’s Diana “Mrs Gillyflower” Rigg’s Emma Peel everyone remembers. In the reboot it was John Steed, Purdey and Mike Gambit. Purdey, named after the shotgun, was played by Real First Female Doctor Joanna Lumley, who was also Sapphire in Sapphire and Steel with Alternate Doctor David McCallum.

There are a number of Mr Meaker Moments across the series, but here we’re looking specifically at the S1 episode Target. Which was also the name of the Patrick Mower show, produced by Phillip Hinchcliffe, where Katy Manning briefly gets her tits out… And Patrick Mower was a regular guest on Jon Pertwee’s Whodunnit?

In Target, you’ve got Freddie “Sorenson” Jaeger, Keith “Enlightenment” Barron, Warren “Tenth Planet” Beatty, Bruce “Pirate Planet” Purchase, Deep Roy who was Mr Sin in Talons, as well as John “Doomwatch” Paul, who always struck me as an Alternate Pertwee…

But what makes the episode significant is that this is the one where they blow up Peter Cushing’s TARDIS!

Here’s the opening shot of the episode:

new avengers tardis 1

The familiar shape you can see in the background is the Peter Cushing TARDIS prop from the two Amicus Dalek movies…

new avengers tardis 2

Some ten years on from when it was built, it hasn’t aged too badly, even if it has lost it’s Pull To Open door sign. And the sight of John Steed next to the TARDIS is the stuff fan fiction crossovers are made of. Doctor Who is a tv show in Avengerland, something we already know from Death At Bargain Prices, that time Mrs Peel worked undercover in the big store’s toy department…


The plot of the Target episode concerns a poisoned shooting range, where scoring less than 100% gets you killed. Steed is the only one to have passed with full marks, and, of course, Purdey and Gambit have to take a turn too…

new avengers tardis 3

That pram in the background? That’s the one that contains the bomb that Mike Gambit will push towards the Cushing TARDIS later in the episode, breaking fan hearts everywhere… BOOM!

new avengers tardis 4new avengers tardis 5

So if you were ever wondering what happened to the Peter Cushing TARDIS after the movies were done, now you know!

And if you want to see the Ship’s demise, The New Avengers: Target, is the latest Non-Who fan edit over at The Fan Edit Doctor site. Click HERE to visit the site and download the edit.

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