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Power of the Daleks Telecomic #4



January 13, 2018 · 11:00 am

Power of the Daleks Telecomic #1

The telecomic returns! A while back, as long-term Whopixers will remember, I did a short survey asking what sort of telecomics you wanted to see on the site. Alternate versions of Classic Series stories was the top response and so what better story to start with than this one!

Given the variety of archive source material – telesnaps, photos, 8mm footage – I’ve tried to match things up as best I can but as you can see, the results will inevitably vary…

Row 1 – Telesnap, Telesnap, Telesnap, Telesnap

Row 2 – 8mm, 8mm, 8mm, Telesnap, 8mm

Row 3 – Photo, Photo, Telesnap, 8mm, 8mm

Row 4 – 8mm, Photo, Photo, Telesnap, 8mm

The idea for this has been knocking around for a while now, ever since I put together the telecomic for The Underwater Menace, so now seems like as good a time as any to finally bring it to life. ¬†And colourising the story where required meant I could have Ben & Polly in their proper clobber, something that can’t be said of either Twice Upon A Time or the Charles Norton animation of Power!

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The power of “The Power of the Daleks”

Since Fandom let out a collective Squee at the news that The Power of the Daleks would be released as an animation, it’s been one thing after another…



1] NOVEMBER 5th: The story will be available to buy from the BBC Store, released at the rate of one episode a day, starting November 5th at 5.50pm fifty years to the moment episode one was first broadcast. The first 1000 people to buy get free art cards. Whoopy-doo…

2] NOVEMBER 21st: The story will then be released on DVD

3] NOVEMBER 5th @ 5.50pm: There will be a Live Twitter release of the first three minutes of episode one

4] DECEMBER 31st: Colour version[!] available to buy from BBC Store

5] FEBRUARY 6TH: The story will be released on a Blu-Ray with both versions.

So how many times you can buy this?


Still, if it helps fund future animations…


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Power of the Daleks Animated – CONFIRMED!


Further to our earlier post about the animated release of Power of the Daleks, the BBC have confirmed that the release is indeed real and happening!

power daleks animated animation 11


The story will be released on the BBC Store and then on DVD on November 21st, according to the listing on Amazon!


Let’s hope that this is just the first. Having gone to all the trouble of creating models for the Daleks and Pat Troughton, if the sales are good enough maybe they’ll do Evil of the Daleks next!

Initially I thought the characters were the work of Mike Collins, but according o Blogtor Who it’s Martin Geraghty, so I was close!

If nothing else, it looks like Whoflix has another Fan Edit to do!

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Power of the Daleks ANIMATED!

Yesterday a video appeared on YouTube which then quickly vanished, blocked by BBC Worldwide on copyright grounds… it was a two minute clip of scenes from Power of the Daleks which had been animated to a very professional standard. I managed to grab the video before it vanished and it looks fantastic! Check out these screengrabs!

power daleks animated animation 1power daleks animated animation 4power daleks animated animation 5power daleks animated animation 8power daleks animated animation 9power daleks animated animation 11power daleks animated animation 12power daleks animated animation 13

Given that the Beeb have blocked the video, is this a leak from an upcoming DVD release? Are the Beeb really going to put out Power of the Daleks on DVD with all six episodes fully animated? It certainly looks like it, which begs the question of why did The Underwater Menace get the Loose Cannon treatment instead?

This year is the 50th Anniversary of Power of the Daleks in 1966, so perhaps a DVD is on its way? Given the troubled history of Dr Who animation to date, you would imagine that the Daleks would be the obvious one to start with if you’re going to invest the time and money for full motion animation since its a release that will appeal to a wider audience than the fans. The animation is much better than that Planet 55 pseudo-magna shite and is about as close to Cosgrove Hall’s work on The Invasion as we’re likely to get. The Daleks are 3D models animated in a 2D landscape and look brilliant. Here’s hoping this isn’t just another leaked animation test but a promise of more to come.

But before we all get carried away into omnirumour territory, thinking that this means every missing story will be animated, let’s remember that we’ve been here before. But it certainly looks like the Beeb are involved with this so let’s just stay mildly excited instead of going for the full squee!

It’s in widescreen 16:9 compared to the 4:3 of the original and is coloured blue but it certainly seems to be the most faithful recreation of a missing episode yet. Perhaps the best thing about this video is that for once someone seems to have taken the time to make sure the animation matches the existing footage and telesnaps something that hasn’t always been the case, like on The Reign of Terror. If you’re going to go to all the trouble of animating a missing episode then you should at least make the effort to make sure it looks like the version that’s missing. It seems at last somebody has:

power daleks animation 1power daleks animation 2power daleks animation 3power daleks animation 4power daleks animation 5power daleks animation 6power daleks animation 7power daleks animation 8power daleks animation 9

Is it just me, or do Lesterson and the Doctor look like the work of Mike Collins, the current Dr Who storyboarder and DWM artist? And of course, if they’ve gone to all the trouble of creating the Dalek models for this, if indeed this is an upcoming BBC DVD leak, then you would imagine that there’s a good chance we’d get Evil of the Daleks as well…

We could possibly, hopefully, maybe be only 10 weeks away from what would be the most anticipated release since The Web of Fear


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Daleks on HIGNFY

In the Odd One Out Round from last night’s ep of Have I Got News For You, someone working on the show is clearly a Who Fan – nobody else would go to all the trouble of digging out a photo from The Dalek Invasion of Earth!

daleks hignfy

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Dr Who in “Attack of the Daleks”!

from the pages of the 1968 TV Comic Annual…

Dr Who Attack Daleks 1Dr Who Attack Daleks 2Dr Who Attack Daleks 3Dr Who Attack Daleks 4



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Dr Who in “Jungle Adventure”!

from the 1967 TV Comic Holiday Special…

…with Daleks! yay!

Dr Who Jungle Adventure 1Dr Who Jungle Adventure 2


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Dr Who in “The Trodos Ambush”!

from the pages of TV Comic…

Dr Who Daleks Trodos Ambush TV Comic 1Dr Who Daleks Trodos Ambush TV Comic 2Dr Who Daleks Trodos Ambush TV Comic 3Dr Who Daleks Trodos Ambush TV Comic 4


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Horror Channel Dalek Game

Horror Channel Dalek Game

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December 20, 2014 · 1:53 am