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New Series Doctors Sidebar Templates

Here, as promised are the Big Finish inspired sidebar templates I use for my Whoflix Fan Edits for the New Series Doctors. Right click and Save As.


Twelve Plus One? Thirteen!

So Twelvy got done in by the Cybermen, just like One did.

Twelve and One are in the 2017 Xmas Special, where we will meet the Thirteenth Doctor.

And Twelve Plus One is Thirteen!

and here’s the original, with Capaldi & Bradley…


Mondas Returns!

Since Whopix is now working the nightshift at a well known online retailer, it was only today that he saw THIS:

The original Mondasian Cybermen return to Doctor Who as filming begins on the final block of the forthcoming series

Fekk! The Mondas Cybs are back!

What a nice parting gift for Peter to have his fave monsters in his “final” story. His inner fanboy must be squee-ing with delight to be going up against them. What a brilliant “thank you for the past three years”.

The suits are regulation silver, and the bulky headlamp has been scaled down, as has the huge chest unit of the originals. I just hope Nick Briggs does a better version of the voices than the original…

And, before you get too excited, I doubt this is a Moffat version of Spare Parts






it seems it’s not just the Mondas iteration we’re getting for the finale, it looks like Earth is being invaded by a Multi-Cyber Squad of metal men…

not only do we get the Mondas Cybs, we also get both the Rise of the Cybermen and Nightmare in Silver versions too!

What d’you reckon the chances are that there are other versions lurking back on the Cybership? Moonbase Cybs? Invasion Cybs? Earthshock Cybs?

Let’s just hope this doesn’t turn out to be the Asylum of the Daleks version of Every Cyberman Ever!

Excited? We are now!


Coming Soon…

five doctors start date

Ten Years Ago Today

doctor who 2005 2015 dwm

Bloody hell, is it that time already?

I must be honest, ten years ago today I sat down to watch Rose hoping and praying it would be good but fearing it would be shit. Of course, my fears were groundless and the minute Chris grabbed Billie’s hand and said “Run!” I knew everything would be ok.

dr who 2005 2015 ten years dwm eccleston

Chris Eccles, Billie Piper, Camille Coduri-Milf, Bronze Daleks. What a comeback. God Bless Sir Russell Tea of Gayness. THE UNQUIET DEAD is currently my fave from that first year, such a shame one was all we got. Miserable Northern Git. Let’s hope he comes back on audio sometime soon and does a Sixie.

dr who tennant 2005 2015 dwm

Ah, David Ten-inch. Eccles was good, but he was even better. The Next Gen’s Tom Baker. The Man. Or at least he was until Capaldi came along. How could you not love the nostalgiafest of SCHOOL REUNION? And of course BLINK is rightly on everybody’s favourites list, even if Freema Agyeman isn’t. For me, it has to be Donna Noble. PARTNERS IN CRIME and that mime sequence. And THE UNICORN AND THE WASP is brilliant, as was Julian Bleach’s Davros, pity he never came back again. As for David, he was The Man. And for many he always will be.

dr who matt smith 2005 2015 dwm

Enter The Moff and dear old Smiffy. Patrick Troughton mk 2 only different. The sheer joy of THE LODGER, and instant classic THE DOCTOR’S WIFE. And then there’s THE SNOWMEN and THE CRIMSON HORROR. Dear old Matt “Schlong” Smith, he had possibly the hardest job of all but the boy done well. Only eight more years ’til he’s back for the Sixtieth Anniversary Special.

dr who capaldi 2005 2015 dwm

The Man. Pietro Capaldini. Jon Pertwee mk2 only better. THE MUMMY ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS. `nuff said. Here’s to the next decade. Gaun yirsel, big man. Yaldi Capaldi!

BLOOPERS! – State of Decay

Aside from the changes to Tom Baker’s hair, State of Decay’s blooper count is mostly filled with the shadows cast by various boom microphones, although this one here is being cast by a camera…
State Decay Blooper 1
Boom Mic Shadow #1 follows Tom as he enters the TARDIS…
State Decay Blooper 2
Boom Mic Shadow #2 follows Tom as he crosses to Kalmar’s console…
State Decay Blooper 3
Boom Mic Shadow #3 is on Romana’s face…
State Decay Blooper 4
Boom Mic Shadow #4 is on the console again as Tom returns to the TARDIS…
State Decay Blooper 5
In this one, you can watch Boom Mic Shadow #5 scoot across the console as the camera pulls back…
State Decay Blooper 6
And now, just for a change, something a little bit different. If you look here you can see that not only are the TARDIS doors not closed properly, there’s a little wooden wedge holding the doors up! They haven’t even bothered to paint it to match the floor, like the other one on the other side of the doors!
State Decay Blooper 7
In this one, it’s only just visible, but that is the top of the set!
State Decay Blooper 8
And finally, this is what happens when your boom mic is closer than it needs to be to your actors!
State Decay Blooper 9












at 44 minutes and 53 seconds the scene begins where Missy tells the Doctor, at about 45m 20s, that she is…




…The Master!


Well, at least she wasn’t the Rani!


The Master – John Simm – gets trapped in The Last Day of The Time War with Rassilon and the rest of the Time Lords [see “The Endof Time Part Two”- Ed]. Somehow he manages to escape and nicks a Matrix Data Slice, Gallifreyan Hard Drive, and uploads his dying mind to it. He then downloads his mind into some poor Time Lady bird who looks like Michelle Gomez.

He makes his way to Arcadia, where he sees the Doctors – Hurt, Tennant and Smith, exiting the Gallifrey Falls No More painting and sneaks out as well when no-one’s looking! [see “The Day of the Doctor” – Ed]