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The Return of the Novelisation

It seems Penguin Books are going to release Target-style novelisations of New Series stories. Of course this is something we predicted a while back…

RTD’s two books are obvious choices and he wrote Damaged Goods for The New Adventures so I’m really looking forward to these. But maybe ever so slightly not so much as the two Moffats that we’re apparently getting as well…

With The Moff novelising possibly the two biggest stories of the New Series entire run before it finally swirls down the plughole, these two books should be even better reads. Question is how much stuff, if any will either of them add in the books’ text to what we saw on screen.

Oh, and we’ll get a reprint of James Goss’ City of Death novel too.


Of course, the real books won’t use the Classic Target Who Logo, they’ll use the current Pertwee-ish one they slap on all the CS merch these days. Which means they’ll probably look something like this:

UPDATE: 27/12/17

PAUL CORNELL is writing the novelisation of TUAT:



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New Series Doctors Sidebar Templates

Here, as promised are the Big Finish inspired sidebar templates I use for my Whoflix Fan Edits for the New Series Doctors. Right click and Save As.

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Return of the Doctor: a mini-telecomic

Having done Dawn of the Doctor, my headcanon version of what happened in the first moments of the John Hurt Doctor after the end of Night of The Doctor, the next obvious mini-telecomic to do was my headcanon version of what happened immediately we saw the John Hurt Doctor start to regenerate at the end of Day of the Doctor!

time war telecomic 9.1

The completed regeneration we never saw on telly! The TARDIS starts off in the Hurt Doctor’s timestream and ends in Dr Eccles’…

time war telecomic 9.2

One of the many unanswered questions about The Day of the Doctor is what happened to The Moment? In my headcanon, after the three Doctors work out how to save Gallifrey in the barn, Hurt gets Ten-Inch or Smiffy to drop him off at his TARDIS which is, according to Billie, miles away.  Having nicked The Moment he’s hardly likely to leave it behind on Gallifrey, is he? So I reckon Dr Hurt took it with him in his TARDIS…

time war telecomic 9.3

The General said that the problem with using The Moment is that it could stand in judgement on you, so that’s exactly what she does with the Doctor…

time war telecomic 9.4

It’s interesting that there are echoes of the War Doctor in the Eccleston Doctor. They both wear leather jackets and have similar TARDIS consoles. In my headcanon, The Moment is responsible for that, as a way of reminding the Doctor of how close he came to not being the Doctor. And of course, The Moment is still somewhere on board the TARDIS…



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Ten Years Ago Today

doctor who 2005 2015 dwm

Bloody hell, is it that time already?

I must be honest, ten years ago today I sat down to watch Rose hoping and praying it would be good but fearing it would be shit. Of course, my fears were groundless and the minute Chris grabbed Billie’s hand and said “Run!” I knew everything would be ok.

dr who 2005 2015 ten years dwm eccleston

Chris Eccles, Billie Piper, Camille Coduri-Milf, Bronze Daleks. What a comeback. God Bless Sir Russell Tea of Gayness. THE UNQUIET DEAD is currently my fave from that first year, such a shame one was all we got. Miserable Northern Git. Let’s hope he comes back on audio sometime soon and does a Sixie.

dr who tennant 2005 2015 dwm

Ah, David Ten-inch. Eccles was good, but he was even better. The Next Gen’s Tom Baker. The Man. Or at least he was until Capaldi came along. How could you not love the nostalgiafest of SCHOOL REUNION? And of course BLINK is rightly on everybody’s favourites list, even if Freema Agyeman isn’t. For me, it has to be Donna Noble. PARTNERS IN CRIME and that mime sequence. And THE UNICORN AND THE WASP is brilliant, as was Julian Bleach’s Davros, pity he never came back again. As for David, he was The Man. And for many he always will be.

dr who matt smith 2005 2015 dwm

Enter The Moff and dear old Smiffy. Patrick Troughton mk 2 only different. The sheer joy of THE LODGER, and instant classic THE DOCTOR’S WIFE. And then there’s THE SNOWMEN and THE CRIMSON HORROR. Dear old Matt “Schlong” Smith, he had possibly the hardest job of all but the boy done well. Only eight more years ’til he’s back for the Sixtieth Anniversary Special.

dr who capaldi 2005 2015 dwm

The Man. Pietro Capaldini. Jon Pertwee mk2 only better. THE MUMMY ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS. `nuff said. Here’s to the next decade. Gaun yirsel, big man. Yaldi Capaldi!



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The New Series Doctors

With the unveiling of Capaldi’s Cossie, let the Photoshoppery commence!

Doctor Who 2005 - 2014


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John Hurt Action Figure

good news that CO are releasing a War Doctor AF, especially that it’s going to be a 5″ one, so it matches up with the rest of the Doctors. But why are they releasing it with a spare McGann head?

john hurt action figure 1

I’ve never been keen on those “regeneration” figures CO put out with the new Doctor’s head on the old Doctor’s body but this is the wrong way round. If anything, we need a “Night of the Doctor” McGann figure with a spare Young John Hurt head, cos when McGann changed into Hurt he wasn’t wearing Hurt’s clothes.

But when Hurt changed into Eccles, the “Ninth” Doctor would still have been wearing the War Doctor’s clothes so…

john hurt action figure 2

…that’s what we should be getting! Someone should tweet Al Dewar and tell him…

On the plus side, it’s great that we will soon have a full set of Doctors. Then We’ll see how long it takes for the first pics showing a set of AF’s recreating that fantastic final shot of all the Docs together! And lets hope they give us a 5″ Capaldi as well!

john hurt christopher eccleston doctor who



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Busty Who! Multi-docs #2

Here is the last in our short series of Busty Who posts featuring different combinations of Titan Maxi Busts – and what better way to finish off than with the latest crop of Docs!

doctor who new series doctors

doctor mcgann eccleston

doctor who eight nine ten eleven


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Who Trek!

here’s another in our occasional Busty Who series. This time it’s Doctor Who meets Star Trek – Who Trek!

dr who star trek
doctor who captain picard
ninth doctor jean luc picard
mr spock jon pertwee
tom baker mr spock
doctor who doctor mccoy
captain kirk cybermen
doctor and the enterprise


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The Three Doctors 2013

Looking forward to Three Doctors – Hurt, Smith and Tennant – in November? Me too.

But if Eccles wasn’t such a M.N.G.* then we might have got THIS instead…

doctor who three doctors 2013

* Miserable Northern Git


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Ratings Graph – Eccleston


Average Audience – 7.3M

Eccleston Ratings


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