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The Return of the Novelisation

It seems Penguin Books are going to release Target-style novelisations of New Series stories. Of course this is something we predicted a while back…

RTD’s two books are obvious choices and he wrote Damaged Goods for The New Adventures so I’m really looking forward to these. But maybe ever so slightly not so much as the two Moffats that we’re apparently getting as well…

With The Moff novelising possibly the two biggest stories of the New Series entire run before it finally swirls down the plughole, these two books should be even better reads. Question is how much stuff, if any will either of them add in the books’ text to what we saw on screen.

Oh, and we’ll get a reprint of James Goss’ City of Death novel too.


Of course, the real books won’t use the Classic Target Who Logo, they’ll use the current Pertwee-ish one they slap on all the CS merch these days. Which means they’ll probably look something like this:

UPDATE: 27/12/17

PAUL CORNELL is writing the novelisation of TUAT:



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Twice Upon A Tenth Planet

Colour corrected from the latest DWM, issue 519…

I don’t know about you, but the recreations of scenes from The Tenth Planet is probably the thing I’m looking forward to the most about Twice Upon A Time, the last episode of Doctor Who as we’ve known it. But the big question is, will we get to see the regeneration? Or will they cut it short like they did John Hurt into Eccles? And if we do, will Bradley turn into Reece Shearsmith again or a colourised Pat Troughton? Personally I hope it’s the latter, and only 39 days to go until we find out!


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The Celestial Toymaker in COLOUR!

Over at Whoflix, we’ve recently posted our fan edit of The Final Test, the sole surviving epsiode of The Celestial Toymaker. Here’s some pix we colourised to go with the post…

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Sidebar Templates – Classic Series Doctors

As requested by some, here are the blank Big Finish style sidebar templates that I use over at Whoflix for the mock CD covers that accompany each fan edit post. Classic Doctors first, New Doctors to follow. Right Click and Save As…

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Twice Upon A Time…

… hmmm, anybody else have some questions after seeing rather brilliantly fan-pleasing trailer for the upcoming Xmas ep? I do! As well as the usual pointless speculation…

The trailer starts with a shot of the TARDIS from The Tenth Planet before giving us an amazing morph from Hartnell to Bradley. Looking again at the shot, you can see that it’s actually a shot of Hartnell on top of Bradley and not the other way round…

Which means we’re going to get some recreations of moments from The Tenth Planet in the Special… yay! It makes budgetary sense to give the new Mondas Cybs another run out, never mind that they did for Twelvy like they did for One…

… moments such as this, where Hartnell’s regeneration starts a lot earlier than we thought it did in the original… but why is Polly’s dress pink instead of red???

And why is Bradley wearing the wrong gloves? They had him wearing the correct  fingerless ones in An Adventure In Space And Time, so what went wrong there?

…Bill’s back, Potts that is, so hooray! But please, no Clara… and we get Twelve in One’s TARDIS and One in Twelve’s TARDIS… [as well as the regulation explosions and what may or may not be Vortis…]

In terms of pointless speculation, I reckon the two Doctors are stuck in the closing moments of The War Games, as the Time Lords do their best Deus Ex Machina and resolve the story, thought that might be a fanwank too far even for Moffat… Peter Capaldi will clearly encourage Bradley Hartnell to embrace the change, only to realise that he has to do the same as well.

As for Gaytits, he’s either one of the War Lords or he’s the equivalent of Lieutenant Carstairs from that story. Or he’s simply channeling Captain Darling from Blackadder 4. Or he’s the Sam Kisgart Master… or Edward Brayshaw regenerated and trying to escape…

But I reckon he’s just a bargain basement Brigadier.

And I bet he says “Splendid fellows… both of you!”

…and Twelvy will regenerate in the TARDIS, where else. And we all know what happens then…



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Whopix Comix – Coming Soon…


I originally completed this project a few years back, but I was never quite happy with it and didn’t really know why. Then Titan Comics came along and there was my inspiration!

Why do a “comic strip meets photonovel” adaptation of The Three Doctors anyway? Much as I like the TV story as transmitted, I can’t have been the only fan wondering what it might have been like if William Hartnell hadn’t been ill. And so I did this to find out.

Originally I didn’t really know what to call this form of adaptation, combining screen grabs with some colourisation and a bit of photoshoppery, but eventually I settled on Telecomic, a combination of Telesnap and Comic since all I’m really doing is following in John Cura’s footsteps.

And so I’ve completely updated the original and I’m much happier with it now. Having posted all the pre-DWM comic strips, and tackled The Underwater Menace as a TV Comic-style strip, the plan is to do some more stories like this. Now that I’ve pretty much completed my Fan Editing mission by doing all of the Classic Series, creatively, Telecomics is where Whopix is going next.

Whopix Comix Presents The Telecomic Adventures of Dr Who!

Starts Saturday 25th July.


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The Five Doctors. If Only…

william hartnell peter davison five doctors

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July 18, 2015 · 12:38 pm

William Hartnell in colour

If Bill had lived to make an appearance in The Five Doctors, he might have looked something like this…

william hartnell five doctors


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Dr Who & The Recyclers #5 – Galaxy 4!

The most exciting thing about Galaxy 4, the audio Fan Edit of which has just been uploaded over at Whoflix, is the fact that one of the Drahvin guns turns up ten years later in Genesis of the Daleks!

doctor who recycling genesis daleks galaxy 4 gun

Shame the story that gun comes from isn’t half as exciting as seeing it on screen in colour!

And did anyone ever write that Fan Fiction where a Drahvin ship lands on Skaro during the Thal/Kaled war?


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Dr Who in “Deadly Vessel”!

the final First Doctor TV Comic strip, from the 1967 TV Comic Annual…

Dr Who Deadly Vessel 1Dr Who Deadly Vessel 2Dr Who Deadly Vessel 3Dr Who Deadly Vessel 4

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