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Doctor Mork!

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse, Series 11 continues to nosedive with the reveal of what The Vagina Doctor will be wearing…

Her outfit looks bloody awful. We’re back to the days when the Doctor and his companions didn’t wear proper clothes but “designed” outfits. Yes folks, it’s back to the Eighties with Chris Chibnall, the new John Nathan-Turner. I thought they might at least have had the sense to put her in a Sarah Jane Adventures waistcoat, boots and jeans ensemble. But no. Instead we get some crap faux Tennant long coat, a Mork and Mindy t-shirt & braces and some half-mast trousers. It looks like the sort of pretentious crapola you see on a catwalk. And it won’t be very practical when she’s out filming on location, freezing her tits off.

Doctor Who has become Doctor Mork!

As is to be expected, a new Showrunner means a new TARDIS prop, and Chibnall’s looks as flawed as the show it’ll soon be featuring in. Why is the Pull To Open handle on the wrong side for a start? And what have they done to the lamp at the top? It looks like the base of the Eccles/Tennant sonic. Meh. Okay, so it’s got the black door panel where the phone would be, something we haven’t seen since The Seeds of Doom, but why change the box anyway? What was so wrong with the Capaldi one? Seems like a pointless expense and no doubt the new TARDIS interior will be just as bad…

Not that I’ll be watching, ‘cos I won’t. Twice Upon A Time will be the end in more ways than one, and from here on in Whopix will be a Jodie Shittaker Free Zone…


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Jodie Whittaker IS The Doctor!

jodie whittaker doctor who

Fuck. They’ve finally gone and done it.

RIP Doctor Who.

thirteen doctors.jpgNO TO DOCTOR 13

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