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Sidebar Templates – Classic Series Doctors

As requested by some, here are the blank Big Finish style sidebar templates that I use over at Whoflix for the mock CD covers that accompany each fan edit post.¬†Classic Doctors first, New Doctors to follow. Right Click and Save As…


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Dr Who in “The Mysterious Meteorite”!

Somehow when uploading the TV Comic strips I managed to miss this one out, so here it is at last! Also known as “The Metal Eaters” but there’s a post-Countdown strip with that title so I went with “The Mysterious Meteorite” instead.

From the pre-Countdown pages of TV Comic…

Dr Who Mysterious Meteorite 1.1Dr Who Mysterious Meteorite 1.2Dr Who Mysterious Meteorite 2.1Dr Who Mysterious Meteorite 2.2Dr Who Mysterious Meteorite 3.1Dr Who Mysterious Meteorite 3.2Dr Who Mysterious Meteorite 4.1Dr Who Mysterious Meteorite 4.2Dr Who Mysterious Meteorite 5.1Dr Who Mysterious Meteorite 5.2



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Whopix Comix – Coming Soon…


I originally completed this project a few years back, but I was never quite happy with it and didn’t really know why. Then Titan Comics came along and there was my inspiration!

Why do a “comic strip meets photonovel” adaptation of The Three Doctors anyway? Much as I like the TV story as transmitted, I can’t have been the only fan wondering what it might have been like if William Hartnell hadn’t been ill. And so I did this to find out.

Originally I didn’t really know what to call this form of adaptation, combining screen grabs with some colourisation and a bit of photoshoppery, but eventually I settled on Telecomic, a combination of Telesnap and Comic since all I’m really doing is following in John Cura’s footsteps.

And so I’ve completely updated the original and I’m much happier with it now. Having posted all the pre-DWM comic strips, and tackled The Underwater Menace as a TV Comic-style strip, the plan is to do some more stories like this. Now that I’ve pretty much completed my Fan Editing mission by doing all of the Classic Series, creatively, Telecomics is where Whopix is going next.

Whopix Comix Presents The Telecomic Adventures of Dr Who!

Starts Saturday 25th July.


July 19, 2015 · 10:10 pm

BLOOPERS! The Time Monster

As if there wasn’t already more than enough that’s wrong with The Time Monster in the story and cast departments, here are the bloopers!

First up, that shadow in the corner is the camera that’s just taken the close up of Jo…

time monster blooper 1.1

If you think being able to see the inside of the Police Box prop counts as a blooper, then this next one is a blooper. If not, don’t worry, there’s plenty more!

time monster blooper 1.2time monster blooper 1.3

Lab Boom Mic Shadow #1…

time monster blooper 1.4

This one’s a cracker – for some reason the Police Box prop is missing it’s floor!

time monster blooper 4.1

Director Paul Bernard made an unfortunate choice of camera angle for this shot, as the backdrop doesn’t match where the TARDIS was in the previous scene!

time monster blooper 4.2

Here’s Jo flashing her knickers…

time monster blooper 4.3

…and here’s the boom mic shadow that appears above her head just after!

time monster blooper 4.4

Lab Boom Mic Shadow #2…

time monster blooper 4.5

As promised, here’s Jo flashing her knickers. Again.

time monster blooper 5.1

The Doctor may have redecorated the console room, but he still hasn’t found a way to hide that bloody cable!

time monster blooper 5.2

Not to be outdone in the knicker flashing stakes, here’s Hippias and his red pants!

time monster blooper 6.1

That shadow in the bottom right hand corner looks like a camera to me…

time monster blooper 6.2

Here you can see the wooden handle the prop boys use to turn the Time Ram dial…

time monster blooper 6.3

And finally, if you look you can see that something else used to sit here on the console before the Time Ram dial was put in…

time monster blooper 6.4

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Dr Who in “Levitation”!

from the pages of the 1971 TV Comic Annual…

Dr Who Levitation 1 Dr Who Levitation 2 Dr Who Levitation 3 Dr Who Levitation 4

With this post we’ve completed our journey through all of the Doctor’s adventures in TV Comic, Countdown and TV Action¬†before Doctor Who Weekly came along in 1979.

I don’t know about you, but this is the the first time I’ve ever seen many of these strips. Some of them I remember vaguely from my childhood, and thanks are due to those fans who have helped me complete the collection so we can all enjoy what was, for many of us of a certain age, a huge part of being a fan back in the dark, anti-geek, pre-DWW days of Seventies Britain.


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Dr Who in “Castaway”!

from the pages of the 1971 TV Comic Annual…

Dr Who Castaway 1 Dr Who Castaway 2 Dr Who Castaway 3 Dr Who Castaway 4

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Dr Who in “The Kingdom Builders”!

from the pages of TV Comic…Dr Who Kingdom Builders 1.1 Dr Who Kingdom Builders 1.2 Dr Who Kingdom Builders 2.1 Dr Who Kingdom Builders 2.2 Dr Who Kingdom Builders 3.1 Dr Who Kingdom Builders 3.2 Dr Who Kingdom Builders 4.1 Dr Who Kingdom Builders 4.2 Dr Who Kingdom Builders 5.1 Dr Who Kingdom Builders 5.2 Dr Who Kingdom Builders 6.1 Dr Who Kingdom Builders 6.2 Dr Who Kingdom Builders 7.1 Dr Who Kingdom Builders 7.2 Dr Who Kingdom Builders 8.1 Dr Who Kingdom Builders 8.2


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