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The War Master Returns!

The best thing about Series Three’s Utopia was Derek Jacobi’s Master, and in many ways it’s a damn shame he regenerated at the end of the episode, making it his one and only TV outing. So far anyway…

With two incarnations of The Master about to turn up on telly in a couple of weeks to help see off Peter Capaldi’s Twelvy, what better time for Big Finish to publicise their latest New Series recruit than now, ten years to the day since he regenerated into John Simm.

The loss of John Hurt robbed us of more adventures with The War Doctor, so what better way to return to the Time War than with The War Master. If nothing else, in these audio stories the old boy might actually get away with it for a change without Don’t Call Me The Doctor around.

The War Doctor series ended with Doctor Hurt and Leela ready to set off on adventures we will never get to hear. We can only imagine what those adventures might have been had John Hurt lived. But the other side of the conflict, that of the other errant son of Gallifrey, what happened there? We’re about to find out in The War Master Volume One!

big finish the war master.jpg




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The Two Masters!

Never mind all the sadness of Capaldi’s impending regeneration, or the anticipation of the return of the Mondas Cybermen, following The Moff’s warning at the recent screening of The Pilot, fandom was scratching it’s collective head as to what the Mega Spoiler at the end of episode one’s Coming Soon trailer was going to be…

until today.

Was it going to be a cameo of River and Eleven at the frost fair in episode three?


Was it Jenny, the Doctor’s Daughter?


Was it Susan, the Doctor’s Granddaughter?


Was it Polly, turning up to help defeat the Mondas Cybs in the finale?


So what could this mega-spoiler possibly be?

Well, it was this:


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Sean Pertwee’s at it again!

SP drops another subtle hint about Who should take over from Capaldi…

sean pertwee peter capaldi

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R2D2 is a Dalek in disguise!

R2D2 Dalek

as seen HERE

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Is Bill O’Reilly a Dr Who Fan???

If you were watching the March 25th edition of The O’Reilly Factor on Fox News, during the “Is It Legal?” segment with Kimberley Guilfoyle, you would have seen Bill O’Reilly use a mobile phone to illustrate one of the items in the piece….

Bill O'Reilly Fox News Dr Who Tardis Phone 1

Bill O'Reilly Fox News Dr Who Tardis Phone 2

So, who would ever have thought they would ever see Bill O’Reilly holding a Tardis-backed phone? Surely it can’t be his phone? Can it?

Maybe he borrowed it from Craig Ferguson…


You can see the Tardis phone clip from The Factor on YouTube HERE


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Mooncrest Models Tardis Console

I have never understood why Character Options never made the classic Tardis console one of their collect-and-build sets – are you seriously trying to tell me they wouldn’t sell better than a bloody Vespiform?

Mooncrest Models have got the right idea, their Tardis Console is a thing of beauty and I hope they sell shitloads.

mooncrest models tardis console 3

mooncrest models tardis console 1

mooncrest models tardis console 2

There’s loads more pics – and a brief video showing the mobility of the central column – on the Mooncrest Models page on Facebook.

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Jim Parsons IS Dr Who!

From The Skywalker Incursion

jim parsons big bang theory doctor who

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CGI Who? It’s closer than you think…

Take a look at this video.

Now if you were anything like me your reaction will have been as “WTF? OMG!” as mine was. I had no idea photo-realistic CG humans were this far advanced but the possibilities for recreating all those Missing Episodes of Classic Who are immediately obvious. And surely that photo-CG would be more achievable – and cheaper – in greyscale?

Once this sort of thing becomes affordable, I can’t imagine that it won’t be long before the technology moves outside of the gaming industry to Hollywood.  Sure there will be all sorts of legalities to be sorted out regarding using the likenesses of dead Hollywood actors but they did get Laurence Olivier into Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow ten years ago so they are clearly not insurmountable even now.

Laurence Olivier recreated via CG in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow [2004]

Laurence Olivier recreated via CG in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow [2004]

Any dead Hollywood icon could be CGI’d, there’s already software that can create 3D models from photos so you could combine that with motion capture to recreate anyone from Humphrey Bogart to William Hartnell. And that means you could finally create a version of The Three Doctors that includes Hartnell in the mix. My photocomic version of the story shows how it could have worked and the idea of a full motion version sends my inner fanboy straight to Squee-ville. We’ve already had the colour Hartnell made for the Fifty Years Trailer so let’s hope we get a photo-CG Hartnell version of The Three Doctors for the Sixtieth Anniversary – who knows where this technology will be in 2023!

Maybe this is why the release of The Underwater Menace hasn’t been announced yet…

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Jenna Coleman’s Arse!

doctor who jenna coleman arse

nice buns and just a hint of VPL…

but WTF is that jumper that Capaldi’s wearing???



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July 17, 2014 · 7:14 pm

I wear a waistcoat now…

…waistcoats are cool!

[or “vests” if you’re American]

When Twelvy unveiled his cossie, the most alarming item in his new wardrobe was the Grandad Cardie. Whatever else they are, cardigans are not cool!

But if you look at some of the recent photos from filming, you’ll notice that the cardi gets ditched in favour of a waistcoat –

peter capaldi doctor who waistcoat

– which Whopix reckons is an altogether better look. However, Twelvy clearly has a fashion relapse later on, if this pic is anything to go by…

peter capaldi doctor who xmas jumper

No wonder Twelvy looks grumpier than usual, so would I if I had to wear that bloody thing! Yuk!

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