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Whopix Nails It!


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Capaldi’n the Tardis

The recently released teaser trailer for the soon to re-open Dr Who Experience features Twelvy in his predecessor’s Tardis console rooms – first up is the Hartnell recreation for An Adventure in Space and Time:

capaldi hartnell tardisThis really works, evokes a real Season Eight vibe – and I still say they should have used this for the War Doctor!

Next up is the Copper console room for Smiffy:

capaldi matt smith tardis

This one kind of works too, but not so well. Of course, if the Beeb hadn’t moved studios then this would probably have been Capaldi’s console room too!

And finally, the Eccles/Tennant console room, where Twelvy whacks the console with that rubber mallet. This one doesn’t suit him as well I don’t think.
capaldi tennant tardis

Can you imagine just how much fun shooting on all these must have been for Capaldi, his inner fanboy must have been squee-ing with delight!

The Doctor Who Experience re-opens October 24th, with tickets on sale from this coming Tuesday, the 7th.

Doctor Bowie?

According to an article in today’s Sunday Express, Capaldi based Twelvy’s look on David Bowie’s Thin White Duke look.  I always thought the buttoned up shirt was a bit more Charles Saatchi The Celebrity Burd Strangler. Or maybe even early Dr Jon, but Bowie? Well, Capaldi was an Art Student at the fire-hit GSoA, so going to see Bowie at the Apollo is exactly the kind of thing you can see him doing. As for inspiring the look, well, Capaldi is 12 years younger than fellow art student Bowie so it is possible…

doctor who peter capaldi david bowie

Brace yourselves, Doctor Bowie is coming to an internet near you!

Capaldi Cossie Unveiled!

Capaldi Costume

Here it is, what Dr Capaldi will be wearing when he returns to our screens in August!

Not sure about it, initial reaction is that it’s a bit stripped down, was expecting something a bit more Old School. Looks a bit too “designed” and not at all sure about the “Charles Saatchi” buttoned-up-shirt-with-no-tie look but, if nothing else, you can tell that Capaldi was a Glasgow Art Student! Love that he’s doing The Pertwee Point pose though!

And I hope to hell that’s a waistcoat and not a cardi!

It’s a sort of Sci-Fi Teddyboy look and check those Doc Martens – a “durty big perra bits” as they say in Glasgow, “fur gein’ aw thae monsters a bootin’ in the baws”!

A very Glasgow School of Art “don’t mess wi` me” kind of look, which bodes rather well for the Capaldi Doctor’s character methinks!

I give the new look a 6.5 out of 10

Peter Capaldi IS The Doctor

And so it begins!

peter and jenna doctor who

Twelfth body, fourteenth incarnation, thirteenth regeneration. Okay?
So, moving on now…

Can only imagine how Capaldi is feeling now that he’s finally started on his journey as Twelvy. He must be like a kid in a sweetshop at Christmas with his Birthday around the corner and a hot date lined up for afters. Good luck to him! I think he’ll make a fantastic Doctor and I hope they keep the line up as just him and Jenna. I like the whole older Doctor, younger companion vibe, haven’t had that since Eccles.

Next up is all the kerfuffle over what he’s going to wear – put the Who fashion police on standby!

doctor capaldi

Peter Capaldi in Rab C Nesbitt

one of those “Dr Who actors in other shows” moments tonight when I caught “John Sergeant meets Rab C Nesbitt” on BBC Two…

peter capaldi in rab c nesbitt

A very young Capaldi, playing a street preacher interrupted by Our Rab, somewhere round about the time of Local Hero.

“I appreciate yer enthusiasm pal, but if ah’d wanted a support act ah would’ve booked waan – beat it!”

Yaldy! Capaldi!

Peter Capaldi Doctor Who 12

Well, he’s here! Yaldy! Capaldi!

“Kidneys, I’ve got new kindeys… I don’t like the colour!”

As entrances for Doctors go, that was pretty dramatic, and probably one of the quickest regenerations ever. Couldn’t catch what his second line was but “Do you know how to fly this thing?” is as good as any exit line you could hope for, although his first one was a bit similar to Matt’s “Legs! I’ve still got legs!”

Loved those few brief shots of Capaldi at the controls of the Tardis and Whopix was rather chuffed to be proved right on the whole regeneration numbering thing – still waiting for those apologies though…

Capaldi’s Doctor won’t be quite so wild eyed next Autumn but I’m pleased that he seems to be using his own accent, which is quite an Anglicised Scots voice, much softer than McCoy’s. I think he’s going to be great and it’s going to be a long wait `til Series Eight, so it’s just as well that we’ve got The War Doctor to keep us all occupied in the meantime.

The story itself, The Time of the Doctor, wasn’t the most engaging, and highlights how it’s not always a good idea to have The Doctor at the centre of the story. There were a few good moments, such as Bald Matt, Clara’s Granny, Wooden Cybermen but overall this was a middl-ing adventure that was only really significant for it’s climax. And what a climax it was.

Okay, so it was a bit Deus Ex Machina to have the Timelords give him a whole new regeneration cycle, but what else could Moffat reasonably have done? And it was quite neat how The Silence and The Crack were finally given an explanation and Karen Gillan’s cameo was quite sweet. And then you realise they were both wearing wigs in that scene!

The Matt Smith Doctor was never my favourite but Smiffy proved the doubters wrong and gave as good a performance of an old man in a young man’s body as anyone could expect. His will always be remembered as the Anniversary Doctor, and, as the youngest gives way to the oldest, the next fifty years starts here!