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Series 10 Boxset

If, like Whopix, you have Amazon Prime and pre-ordered the boxset of the final series of Doctor Who Series 10 from Amazon, it arrived yesterday.

The boxset is white which looks really strange next to all the previous black ones but it does come with three nice lenticular cards, one each for Twelvy [eyes open/eyes shut], Missy/the Master and Bill/CyberBill. And since there’s no little booklet to let you know what’s on each disc here are some screengrabs.

About the only thing of any real interest is the Deleted Scenes section on disc 5, which I can see working their way into a fan edit or two very soon…

DISC ONE: Commentary on The Pilot with Moffat and Mackie. Annoyingly there’s no Friend From The Future.

DISC TWO – Commentary on Knock Knock with the Writer and Director.

DISC THREE – Commentary on Oxygen with the writer, Mackie and Matt Lucas.

DISC FOUR – No commentary on any of the episodes.

DISC FIVE – No commentary on The Finale!

DISC THREE – The bloody Fan Show with the ultra-irritating ┬áChristal Dee.


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Series Ten Ratings


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The Two Masters!

Never mind all the sadness of Capaldi’s impending regeneration, or the anticipation of the return of the Mondas Cybermen, following The Moff’s warning at the recent screening of The Pilot, fandom was scratching it’s collective head as to what the Mega Spoiler at the end of episode one’s Coming Soon trailer was going to be…

until today.

Was it going to be a cameo of River and Eleven at the frost fair in episode three?


Was it Jenny, the Doctor’s Daughter?


Was it Susan, the Doctor’s Granddaughter?


Was it Polly, turning up to help defeat the Mondas Cybs in the finale?


So what could this mega-spoiler possibly be?

Well, it was this:


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