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Power of the Daleks Telecomic #5


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January 20, 2018 · 5:07 am

Power of the Daleks Telecomic #4


January 13, 2018 · 11:00 am

Power of the Daleks Telecomic #3


January 6, 2018 · 3:47 pm

Power of the Daleks Telecomic #2


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Power of the Daleks Telecomic #1

The telecomic returns! A while back, as long-term Whopixers will remember, I did a short survey asking what sort of telecomics you wanted to see on the site. Alternate versions of Classic Series stories was the top response and so what better story to start with than this one!

Given the variety of archive source material – telesnaps, photos, 8mm footage – I’ve tried to match things up as best I can but as you can see, the results will inevitably vary…

Row 1 – Telesnap, Telesnap, Telesnap, Telesnap

Row 2 – 8mm, 8mm, 8mm, Telesnap, 8mm

Row 3 – Photo, Photo, Telesnap, 8mm, 8mm

Row 4 – 8mm, Photo, Photo, Telesnap, 8mm

The idea for this has been knocking around for a while now, ever since I put together the telecomic for The Underwater Menace, so now seems like as good a time as any to finally bring it to life.  And colourising the story where required meant I could have Ben & Polly in their proper clobber, something that can’t be said of either Twice Upon A Time or the Charles Norton animation of Power!

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Return of the Doctor: a mini-telecomic

Having done Dawn of the Doctor, my headcanon version of what happened in the first moments of the John Hurt Doctor after the end of Night of The Doctor, the next obvious mini-telecomic to do was my headcanon version of what happened immediately we saw the John Hurt Doctor start to regenerate at the end of Day of the Doctor!

time war telecomic 9.1

The completed regeneration we never saw on telly! The TARDIS starts off in the Hurt Doctor’s timestream and ends in Dr Eccles’…

time war telecomic 9.2

One of the many unanswered questions about The Day of the Doctor is what happened to The Moment? In my headcanon, after the three Doctors work out how to save Gallifrey in the barn, Hurt gets Ten-Inch or Smiffy to drop him off at his TARDIS which is, according to Billie, miles away.  Having nicked The Moment he’s hardly likely to leave it behind on Gallifrey, is he? So I reckon Dr Hurt took it with him in his TARDIS…

time war telecomic 9.3

The General said that the problem with using The Moment is that it could stand in judgement on you, so that’s exactly what she does with the Doctor…

time war telecomic 9.4

It’s interesting that there are echoes of the War Doctor in the Eccleston Doctor. They both wear leather jackets and have similar TARDIS consoles. In my headcanon, The Moment is responsible for that, as a way of reminding the Doctor of how close he came to not being the Doctor. And of course, The Moment is still somewhere on board the TARDIS…


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Three Doctors Telecomic #19

doctor who three doctors comic strip 1.19doctor who titan comics three doctors next time#Telecomics


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Three Doctors Telecomic #18

doctor who three doctors comic strip 1.18#Telecomics

PANEL 1: The shot of Hartnell here is from The Ark.
PANEL 2: The shots of Hartnell here are from The War Machines.
PANEL 3: This shot of Pertwee is taken from the scene where he is sat down and talking to Omega in Part Two
PANEL 4: One of the trickiest parts of the whole process was getting clean backgrounds to insert Bill into, something that becomes more of an issue the further we get into the story.
PANEL 5: This shot of Pat is from Part Three when he first meets Omega.
PANEL 6: Although it looks like their positioning is wrong, Hartnell has moved in front of the console edge nearest the cameras to end up on the right of Pat & Jon, which is where he needs to be for the end of the episode.
The shot of Pat & Jon is from Part Three, Hartnell is from The Celestial Toymaker.

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Three Doctors Telecomic #17

doctor who three doctors comic strip 1.17#Telecomics

PANEL 1:  This was such an obvious shot to do

PANEL 2:  The backgrounds here are mostly from The Three Doctors but some of them, such as the one used here, are from Planet of the Daleks, the only other story in Season Ten to make use of the console room set.

PANEL 3:  Most of the shots of Hartnell in this adaptation are from The Space Museum, but I think this one is from The Keys of Marinus.

PANEL 4:  The same background as the previous panel, only zoomed in and then blurred slightly.

PANEL 5:  I borrowed the idea of Hartnell referring to his other selves by their incarnation number from brilliant The Ten Doctors comic strip.

PANEL 6:  This is an example of where the dialogue gets tweaked slightly from the TV version, it’s actually the Target book version if memory serves. Adding Hartnell to the mix not only meant coming up with dialogue for him, but also for all the other characters in the story who are now interacting with someone who wasn’t originally there!

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Three Doctors Telecomic #16

doctor who three doctors comic strip 1.16#Telecomics

PANEL 1:  On TV Jon chides Pat for “fading him again” but we never saw Pat fade anyone from the scanner screen in the first place. Having the CIA Chief on the scanner screen helps make sense of that moment in this version.

PANEL 3:  Bill joins the story at last! I got him here as quick as I could. The image is the well-known photo from The Sensorites, one of the few images that didn’t need colourising.

PANEL 4: An oblique reference to what happened in the TV version…

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