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New Series Doctors Sidebar Templates

Here, as promised are the Big Finish inspired sidebar templates I use for my Whoflix Fan Edits for the New Series Doctors. Right click and Save As.


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Dawn of the Doctor, a mini-telecomic

history of the time war
PREVIOUSLY: The Night of The Doctor.


time war telecomic 1.1

Set at the end of The Night of the Doctor, in this version we get to see the regeneration. On telly Paul McGann drops out of sight, but in this version he falls against that stone slab he was propped up against earlier and changes into John Hurt! I also made up a mock title sequence for along the top of the page, adapted from the NotD intro.

time war telecomic 1.2

Given the Hurt Doctor’s reluctance to even be called “the Doctor” anymore, it seemed only right that it should be the first words he says in this version. As you would expect, all the shots of John Hurt in this are from the BBC’s 1979 production of Crime And Punishment.

time war telecomic 1.3

In this version he doesn’t put the bandolier thingy on, as adding it to every shot of him would have been a nightmare. It was hard enough putting Hurt’s head on McGann’s body…

time war telecomic 1.4

And then it’s off to Gallifrey, where Cardinal Servalan Olistra and a younger looking ¬†Rassilon from The Living Daylights are waiting!

Having younger versions of Jacqueline Pearce and Timothy Dalton in the mix was too good an opportunity to pass on. Think of The Time War as the ultimate Doctor Who meets Alien meets Blake’s Seven meets James Bond crossover!


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The New Series Doctors

With the unveiling of Capaldi’s Cossie, let the Photoshoppery commence!

Doctor Who 2005 - 2014


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The War Doctor’s Sonic

Only just found out about this via a review video on YouTube, had no idea it was already out.

war doctor sonic

All the other sonics are now on sale for ¬£9.99 but FP want twenty quid for this – and all it is, is the Fourth Doctor’s sonic with a red bit at the bottom and a light at the end instead of the round thing – what a rip off!

Buy the War Doctor’s Sonic – if yer mug enough – at Forbidden Planet.



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John Hurt IS The Ninth Doctor

I think the most interesting thing about the whole Anniversary Year was the fact that we got a whole new Doctor to play with in John Hurt.

Doctor Eight – Paul McGann – is killed crashing onto Karn but, thanks to the babes of the Sisterhood, he soon fixes that…

paul mcgann regneration 1
paul mcgann regneration 2

…and so Doctor Eight becomes Doctor Nine, The War Doctor!

john hurt paul mcgann regeneration

Which got me thinking about what he might look like, straight after his regeneration…

John Hurt Regeneration


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John Hurt Action Figure

good news that CO are releasing a War Doctor AF, especially that it’s going to be a 5″ one, so it matches up with the rest of the Doctors. But why are they releasing it with a spare McGann head?

john hurt action figure 1

I’ve never been keen on those “regeneration” figures CO put out with the new Doctor’s head on the old Doctor’s body but this is the wrong way round. If anything, we need a “Night of the Doctor” McGann figure with a spare Young John Hurt head, cos when McGann changed into Hurt he wasn’t wearing Hurt’s clothes.

But when Hurt changed into Eccles, the “Ninth” Doctor would still have been wearing the War Doctor’s clothes so…

john hurt action figure 2

…that’s what we should be getting! Someone should tweet Al Dewar and tell him…

On the plus side, it’s great that we will soon have a full set of Doctors. Then We’ll see how long it takes for the first pics showing a set of AF’s recreating that fantastic final shot of all the Docs together! And lets hope they give us a 5″ Capaldi as well!

john hurt christopher eccleston doctor who



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