Comic Strips

This page lists all the posts covering the various Dr Who comic strips produced in TV Comic, Countdown and TV Action, from the days before Doctor Who Weekly came along in 1979.

Given the age of these strips, and the variable quality of the scans, many of the strips posted here have had some digital cleanup applied to improve their appearance as much as possible.

dr who tv comic john canning 1


The Klepton Parasites
The Therovian Quest
The Hijackers of Thrax
On the Web Planet
The Gyros Injustice
Prisoners of Gritog
Challenge of the Piper
Moon Landing
Time in Reverse
The Ordeals of Demeter
Enter the Go-Ray
Shark Bait
Prisoners of the Kleptons
The Caterpillar Men
A Christmas Story
The Didus Expedition
Space Station Z-7
Plague of the Black Scorpi
Kingdom of Animals
The Trodos Tyranny
Guests of King Neptune
The Gaze of The Gorgon
The Secrets of Gemino
The Haunted Planet
The Hunters of Zerox
The Underwater Robot
Return of the Trods
The Galaxy Games
The Experimenters
Deadly Vessel

dr who tv comic john canning 2PATRICK TROUGHTON
The Extortioner
The Trodos Ambush
The Doctor Strikes Back
The Zombies
Master of Spiders
The Exterminators
Jungle Adventure
Monsters from the Past
The Tardis Worshippers
Space War Two
Egyptian Escapade
The Coming of the Cybermen
The Faithful Rocket Pack
Flower Power
Attack of the Daleks
Pursued by the Trods
The Witches
The Sabre-Toothed Gorillas
The Cyber Empire
The Dyrons
The Space Pirates
Return of the Witches
Car of the Century
The Jokers
The Electrodes
The Time Museum
Invasion of the Quarks
The Killer Wasps
Ice Cap Terror
Jungle of Doom
Father Time
Martha the Mechanical Housemaid
The Duellists
Eskimo Joe
Peril at 60 Fathoms
Operation Wurlitzer
The Champion
The Entertainer
Death Race
Test Flight
Action in Exile
The Mark of Terror
The Brotherhood
The Night Walkers

dr who tv comic john canning 3

The Arkwood Experiments
The Multi-Mobile
The Mysterious Meteorite
Assassin From Space
The Fishermen of Carpantha
Rocks from Venus
The Robot
Trial of Fire
The Kingdom Builders
Gemini Plan
The Vogan Slaves
The Celluloid Midas
The Eternal Present
Sub Zero
The Planet of the Daleks
A Stitch In Time
Enemy From Nowhere
The Ugrakks
Steel Fist
Zeron Invasion
Deadly Choice
Who Is The Stranger?
The Glen of Sleeping
The Threat From Beneath
Back To The Sun
The Labyrinth
The Spoilers
The Vortex
The Unheard Voice
The Plant Master
Ride To Nowhere
The Hungry Planet
Secret of the Tower
Perils of Paris
Who`s Who?
Children of the Evil Eye
The Amateur
The Disintegrator
Is Anyone There?
Size Control
The Magician
The Metal Eaters
Lords of the Ether
The Wanderers

dr who tv comic john canning 4TOM BAKER
Death Flower
Return of the Daleks
The Wreckers
The Emperor’s Spy
The Sinister Sea
The Space Ghost
The Dalek Revenge
Treasure Trail
Hubert’s Folly
Mind Snatch
The Hoaxers
The Mutant Strain
Double Trouble
The False Planet
Woden’s Warriors
The Tansbury Experiment
The Sky Warrior
Jackals From Space
The Sea Devil
The Fire Feeders
Kling Dynasty
The Orb
The Mutants
The Devil’s Mouth
Aqua City
The Snow Devils
The Space Garden
Eerie Manor
Guardian of the Tomb
The Image Makers

You can find an excellent guide to every single Dr Who comic strip ever, and not just the ones we’ve concerned ourselves with here, over at Stuart Palmer’s rather wonderful Altered Vistas website – a fascinating read and highly recommended!

49 thoughts on “Comic Strips

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  2. These have been great. Any chance of the William Hartnell later missing ones being done at all?

    • I hadn’t really planned on doing anything pre-Countdown TBH as I reckon those strips are pretty dire. The later Tom strips are pretty dire too but I remember them from my own childhood so was always keen on putting them up – and the last few Tom strips were the only ones I couldn’t find online anywhere, whereas you can find all the Hartnell, Troughton and pre-Countdown Pertwee strips.

  3. Really? I have tried to find the later Hartnell ones and am missing a few of the colour two page ones. I’ll take a look again.

    • trust me, they are all out there. I could post them all here but it’s much more fun when you finally track them down yourself. That said, if you continue to draw a blank…

      • It’s frustrating. I’m only missing five 1st Doctor and three 2nd Doctor strips now but can’t seem to find them anywhere. Although It’s great to be to able to read all 3rd and 4th Doctors strips. Thanks Whopix!

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  5. HI thank you very much for supplying these strips. Im am reading them in order and have just reached the 3rd doctor tv action strips and im haveing trouble making out the text in the first seven or so strips is it just me or is any one else having the same ploblem.
    Thank you.

    • I’ve had a look and it seems that Gemini Plan is way too overcompressed, at less than 200KB each, which is really weird as the files on my hardrive are fine. Mind you, they are about 1MB each! I’ve uploaded the files direct from my hard drive with no compression, so they’ll be well easy to read now!
      Thanks for letting me know!

  6. HI thanks for your quick reply sorry to be a nuisance but will you do the same with the Vogan slaves please as that strip is very hard to make out especily part 8.Once again thank you very much for uploading the strips as most are impossible to get elsewhere.

      • Hi just wondering if you received my last two posts about the other strips with hard to read text as they dont seem to be up on this page.If not let me know and i will sent you the info again.

  7. When you do finally complete your new version of three doctors comic, is there any chance you can provide it as a ZIP full of JPGs (essentially a CBZ) so that it can be “read” on various Comic Book Readers? A PDF Version might be good too.


  8. THANKS SO MUCH for sharing all these with us. I missed out on the DW Classic Comics series and have been searching for these for some time!
    I’m going to be in here for quite a while…….

  9. FURTHER THANKS FROM ME, personally, to ALL of the other fans who contributed scans to this magnificent blog and made it so complete!
    You have ALL made an old-timer very happy!
    John Pitt.

    • I’m going to be doing some maintenance on the Comic Strips section over the next few weeks, don’t panic if one of them is missing, it won’t be for long!

  10. Am loving these stotries – the Peril at 60 Fathoms, Death Race and Mark of Terror on the Troughton stories did not come up – said they were a blank page. Is it a glitch? Really appreciate the work you have done here.

  11. Thank you for the Whopix site, in particular, the Doctor Who comics pre-DWM days. The work you have done here, collecting them all, tidying up the prints and sharing them and etc is beyond amazing.

    Over the last few weeks, I have been reading through them all, and have just completed the 3rd Doctor stories using the site Altered Vistas and Scoones ‘Comic Strip Companion’ to compare chronology, and points of view. In this way, I think I have found a gap in your reproductions.

    It is a third Doctor strip, and comes between Insect and The Fishermen of Carpantha (according to AV). Or (according to Scoones) between Levitation and The Fishermen of Carpantha. Altered Vista’s calls it ‘The Metal Eaters’, and points out that it shouldn’t be confused with another 3rd Doctor Story called ‘The Metal-Eaters’ which comes at the end of the 3rd Doctor run (and which you have shared). Scoones calls it ‘The Mysterious Meteorite’ – which is a far more helpful name given the possible confusion.

    • Now isn’t that strange! Having got your message I checked my Hard Drive and lo and behold the strip you mention is there but for some reason I missed it out when uploading the rest! Thanks for pointing this out as I doubt I would have noticed.

      I will upload it at the conclusion of Part One of the Telecomic of The Five Doctors, so as not to interrupt the narrative for anyone choosing to follow the whole thing online prior to the CBR being uploaded.

      And yes, I will be going with Scoones` title!

      Thanks again.

  12. are there any plans to add a compressed file download of the comics by Doctor or all together?

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  15. Thank you so much for the comic strips! I have been wanting them for a long time.
    I was wondering if you knew if the reprints were also available somewhere?
    I am not sure where to find them

    • IIRC I did have them as part of the original downloads I found years ago but since I had, and still have, no interest in them as they’re pretty bloody awful they’re long since deleted. TBH they’re not really worth the effort of tracking them down but best of luck with your search!

  16. Thank you so much for posting these! As you’ve pointed out, they’re pretty terrible, but that’s precisely what makes them so entertaining!

  17. There were a few short stories published in TV Comic in the time of the Third Doctor such as “The One Second Hour”. Was wondering if there was any chance we could get those? Thanks

  18. Having watched some of the DVD extras about the comic strips, I started searching for a published collection of them. I was amazed that it just doesn’t exist. But no worries, as I’ve found this collection. Wonderful! I’d still love to have them in print, but this will do nicely.

    • Theres a volume that reprints the 3rd Doctor strips, from Children of the Evil Eye to The Wanderers. It should be on Ebay or Amazon.

  19. This is altogether wonderful! You are the man! (or any gender you prefer, come to that!)

    I’ve decided to return to my earliest geek memories by reading/watching/listening to ALL the Fourth Doctor’s adventures in what would have been to him chronological order, starting with the Planet of the Spiders and slotting in the various comics, audios, and short stories between the TV stories as I go.

    This’ll be my third go through the TV Comic strips however, as I first got some of the old Doctor Who Classics which reprinted the early storylines, and then I got some scans of the the actual comics, but they are pretty piecemeal. So this page finally fills all the gaps. Magnificent work!

    The only one that seems to be missing of the Fourth Doctor’s is a strip called “The Living Wax” from the TV Comic Winter Special of 1977. Any chance you could source that one?

  20. Hi, is there any chance you have the 1970 The Metal Eaters comic? It’s the only third doctor one that is missing here, possibly due to confusion with the 1794 The Metal-Eaters. I’d love to see this one!

    • It isn’t missing. It’s listed as “The Mysterious Meteorite” to avoid confusion with the later “The Metal Eaters”.

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