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Tom Baker Returns

As if we weren’t looking forward to Shada already, now we have the news that Tom Baker is going to be on camera again for the final scene… roll on December the 4th!


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Shada 2017


Looks like Whoflix has yet another version of this story to Fan Edit! Let’s just hope the animators have learned the lessons of Power of the Daleks!

You can view our Fan Edit of the surviving bits of the story HERE!

As far as the VAM is concerned the only thing that’s new to this release is the Studio Sessions, which hopefully will include Tom’s bleeped out swearing…

I dunno about you but Whopix will be buying the £20 DVD rather than the £40 steelbook!

The Doctor meets Clare Keightley – BBC Animation 2017

The Doctor meets Clare Keightley – Ian Levine Animation 2013

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BBC Animation Fan Survey!

Whopix is part of the BBC Worldwide Fan Panel, and their latest survey, which is now closed, was about the animated version of The Power of the Daleks.

As well as asking what we thought of it [fantastic it exists but a shame it’s so flawed], the BWFP went on to ask some very interesting questions about fans’ thoughts on future animated projects, such as this one:


So it seems the Beeb are considering doing their own Fan Edits of the animated missing episodes, something we’ve been doing over at Whoflix for years!

As for animated cut-downs, it all comes down to economies of scale. If it’s more economically viable to do a shorter version of The Dalek Masterplan than the whole epic thing then that’s what we’ll get. Simples. The Beeb have done this sort of thing before anyway, notably with Marco Polo and Galaxy 4, so it’s interesting to see that they’re trying to gauge fan resistance to the idea of cut-down compilation versions instead of every episode in full.

And “unaired” can only be a reference to Shada, meaning the Beeb are at least thinking about it…

Here’s the next one:


I’ve seen the Levine version of Shada and it’s a bit strange moving from live action to animation and back again, but you soon get used to it. And I’ve had to do it for my fan edits of The Reign of Terror, The Moonbase and The Invasion so it wouldn’t really be a problem for me.  It would certainly be more economic to do as there would be less to animate but the Dame Levine strain of fandom will have an apoplectic fit of Bidmeadian proportions at the very thought of it…

Then there’s the obvious one to ask:


The answer to which is clearly The Evil of the Daleks!  

The Daleks and the Troughton Doctor models already exist, helping balance the cost of creating characters from scratch such as Maxtible, Jamie, Victoria etc Perhaps that’s why the Beeb are questioning fans on cut-downs, they’re thinking of cutting the padding and the extraneous characters. Personally, Whoflix doesn’t have a problem with that, if nothing else it’ll make the fan editing of future animations a lot easier!

After Evil? From a sales and costs perspective it would make sense to do The Dalek Masterplan as, again, the Dalek models already exist. Masterplan is one story that you could justifiably cut down as it’s huge, over-long and very, very slow. They could incorporate Mission To The Unknown and skip The Feast of Steven!

This next one took me by surprise!


Animated versions of the Titan Comics??? Who saw that one coming!

Personally Whopix thinks more original animated Doctor Who would be a good thing, particularly if that animation was set during The Time War, with a soundalike voicing The War Doctor now that he’s sadly no longer with us.


As for animated versions of the Titan Comics stories, I think that one’s a red herring to help the Beeb gauge reaction to the idea of original animations. For a start, animated versions of Titan stories wouldn’t really be different enough to the comics themselves to be worth watching. And then there’s the question of who’s going to voice the deceased Doctors, let alone Eccles.

Personally, Whopix would like to see an animated version of his telecomic version of The Three Doctors…!


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The power of “The Power of the Daleks”

Since Fandom let out a collective Squee at the news that The Power of the Daleks would be released as an animation, it’s been one thing after another…



1] NOVEMBER 5th: The story will be available to buy from the BBC Store, released at the rate of one episode a day, starting November 5th at 5.50pm fifty years to the moment episode one was first broadcast. The first 1000 people to buy get free art cards. Whoopy-doo…

2] NOVEMBER 21st: The story will then be released on DVD

3] NOVEMBER 5th @ 5.50pm: There will be a Live Twitter release of the first three minutes of episode one

4] DECEMBER 31st: Colour version[!] available to buy from BBC Store

5] FEBRUARY 6TH: The story will be released on a Blu-Ray with both versions.

So how many times you can buy this?


Still, if it helps fund future animations…


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Power of the Daleks Animated – CONFIRMED!


Further to our earlier post about the animated release of Power of the Daleks, the BBC have confirmed that the release is indeed real and happening!

power daleks animated animation 11


The story will be released on the BBC Store and then on DVD on November 21st, according to the listing on Amazon!


Let’s hope that this is just the first. Having gone to all the trouble of creating models for the Daleks and Pat Troughton, if the sales are good enough maybe they’ll do Evil of the Daleks next!

Initially I thought the characters were the work of Mike Collins, but according o Blogtor Who it’s Martin Geraghty, so I was close!

If nothing else, it looks like Whoflix has another Fan Edit to do!

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Power of the Daleks ANIMATED!

Yesterday a video appeared on YouTube which then quickly vanished, blocked by BBC Worldwide on copyright grounds… it was a two minute clip of scenes from Power of the Daleks which had been animated to a very professional standard. I managed to grab the video before it vanished and it looks fantastic! Check out these screengrabs!

power daleks animated animation 1power daleks animated animation 4power daleks animated animation 5power daleks animated animation 8power daleks animated animation 9power daleks animated animation 11power daleks animated animation 12power daleks animated animation 13

Given that the Beeb have blocked the video, is this a leak from an upcoming DVD release? Are the Beeb really going to put out Power of the Daleks on DVD with all six episodes fully animated? It certainly looks like it, which begs the question of why did The Underwater Menace get the Loose Cannon treatment instead?

This year is the 50th Anniversary of Power of the Daleks in 1966, so perhaps a DVD is on its way? Given the troubled history of Dr Who animation to date, you would imagine that the Daleks would be the obvious one to start with if you’re going to invest the time and money for full motion animation since its a release that will appeal to a wider audience than the fans. The animation is much better than that Planet 55 pseudo-magna shite and is about as close to Cosgrove Hall’s work on The Invasion as we’re likely to get. The Daleks are 3D models animated in a 2D landscape and look brilliant. Here’s hoping this isn’t just another leaked animation test but a promise of more to come.

But before we all get carried away into omnirumour territory, thinking that this means every missing story will be animated, let’s remember that we’ve been here before. But it certainly looks like the Beeb are involved with this so let’s just stay mildly excited instead of going for the full squee!

It’s in widescreen 16:9 compared to the 4:3 of the original and is coloured blue but it certainly seems to be the most faithful recreation of a missing episode yet. Perhaps the best thing about this video is that for once someone seems to have taken the time to make sure the animation matches the existing footage and telesnaps something that hasn’t always been the case, like on The Reign of Terror. If you’re going to go to all the trouble of animating a missing episode then you should at least make the effort to make sure it looks like the version that’s missing. It seems at last somebody has:

power daleks animation 1power daleks animation 2power daleks animation 3power daleks animation 4power daleks animation 5power daleks animation 6power daleks animation 7power daleks animation 8power daleks animation 9

Is it just me, or do Lesterson and the Doctor look like the work of Mike Collins, the current Dr Who storyboarder and DWM artist? And of course, if they’ve gone to all the trouble of creating the Dalek models for this, if indeed this is an upcoming BBC DVD leak, then you would imagine that there’s a good chance we’d get Evil of the Daleks as well…

We could possibly, hopefully, maybe be only 10 weeks away from what would be the most anticipated release since The Web of Fear


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The Tenth Planet – Animated!

Good News and Bad News.

The Good News is that, according to doctor who dot tv, the missing fourth episode of The Tenth Planet is to be animated. Hooray!

The Bad News is that they’re using the same crap animation as Reign of Terror. Boo!

tenth planet animated

The animation for Reign was bloody awful overall and really dreadful in places, a huge disappointment, especially since the clips we saw prior to the release looked really good. Clearly they were the best bits, the rest was terrible. I bought the DVD the same day as DWM457 and I wish I`d read David Darlington`s review first before I bought the bloody thing. If I`d known how bad it was I would have put it back and waited until I could get it on Amazon for a fiver!

When I got the DVD home I went straight to Episode Four. I lasted ten minutes before I switched it off…

Whilst it`s great news that the episode will be released in animated form, we can only hope that Planet Shitty have learned their lesson from the mistakes they made on Reign and do the episode, and the story, justice.

I did a Tenth Planet Fan Edit a while back which is still available to download. I`ll be updating this Edit when the DVD comes out, but whether I`ll include the animated footage is another question… let`s just hope and pray that Tenth Planet turns out better than Reign of Terror did!

Come back Cosgrove Hall, all is forgiven!

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Reign of Terror – ANIMATED!

Just as I suspected – and hoped – when the schedule for the remaining DVD releases was announced, incomplete Hartnell story The Reign of Terror will have it`s missing episodes animated!

From the looks of this test image – via good old Combom – it looks as though the animation is going to be just as good as what we got on The Invasion, or maybe even better. [reminds me a bit of Anthony Dry`s illustrations] And whilst it`s great to have another incomplete story completed via animation, I do wonder why they chose to do this with Reign first? I mean we can all think of other incomplete stories we`d rather see first… So I think it`s a fairly safe bet that The Ice Warriors and The Tenth Planet will get the same treatment.

I loved the animated Invasion episodes, in fact I think I preferred them over their live action counterparts! There`s something about B&W Who in particular that lends itself to animation. And if, as it seems to be, it`s a kind of Manga-style production, that`s even better. [Anyone else love that Pertwee Manga Who video on YouTube?]

Of course, exciting though this news is, it`s real significance is what it potentially means for animated versions of all those Missing Stories – what odds now for an animated Power of the Daleks? Or The Web of Fear?

Is it too much to hope for that every fan`s dream of a complete set of Dr Who has just moved a little closer to coming true?


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The Last Dalek Chronicle

Stuart Palmer is the creative genius behind The Dalek Chronicles. The last in the series has just been released and you really should check them out.

Stuart has been CG animating the 1960`s Dalek comic strips from TV Century 21 for a good few years now and he`s finally completed the entire run. They`re great productions, very watchable and they`ll cost you no more than a blank CD and postage.

The final production – Road To Conflict – sees the Daleks finally discover the location of planet earth and leads rather neatly into The Dalek Invasion of Earth TV story. Which just happens to be one of Whopix`s latest Fan Edits…

The link to the Altered Vistas website can be found in the sidebar.

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