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BLOOPERS! – The Power of Three

If anything’s going to give away that a Director has flipped a shot it’s Matt Smith’s hair…

Needless to say this shot did not make it into our Fan Edit of the story over at Whoflix!


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BLOOPERS! – Kill The Moon

Over at Whoflix we’ve just released our fan edit of the story where the SJW agenda that is killing the show starts to manifest itself. Kill The Moon is infamous for its nonsense ending but maybe you were too distracted by the cosmic chicken laying its egg to notice the continuity error during the beach scene…

They all exit the TARDIS and Clara, last one out, shuts the door behind her…

When they were out on location whoever was on continuity duty that day clearly wasn’t paying attention as the door is open in the long shots…


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BLOOPERS! – Shada Animation


When Chris Parsons gets back to his lab, it’s just gone half-past mid-day…

Then the Ancient And Worshipful Law of Gallifrey falls onto the desk… and suddenly it’s half an hour later!

UPDATE: 20/01/2018

Here’s an even better one! How about three different versions of the corridor in Skagra’s carrier ship in three consecutive shots!

For all its flaws, at least the Levine Version got that one right…


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The Power of the Daleks: A Colourised Cock-Up!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad we’ve got The Power of the Daleks as an animation. For all its flaws, and there are plenty of them, as far as Whopix is concerned, having a dodgy animated version is better than having nothing but telesnaps and a few warped 8mm clips. And to be fair to those behind the project, a lot of the mistakes were clearly down to not having enough time or money for proper checking between the work of individual animators.  Blame the Beeb for that one.

So having disappointed fans all over the planet by having animated the episode with avoidable mistakes, the Beeb then compound their original error by colourising the monochrome original and getting the colours wrong!

It starts off okay, but look at the sky. This is meant to be the TARDIS in Antarctica at the end of The Tenth Planet, but the sky on Vulcan will turn out to be pretty much the same colour…


Hartnell on the console room floor looks okay too, but then they forget to colourise the titles. A colour animation with a B&W title sequence just looks weird…


So far so Meh but then, just when you’re starting to get a little bit excited about how this is going to look in colour, things go downhill pretty rapidly with our first sight of Ben & Polly…


I’m sorry but what the heck is Ben wearing? Yuck!


That’s more like it! As if that wasn’t bad enough, the console has turned from green to silver…


Whilst what Ben’s wearing may be open to debate, and he’s not wearing grey chelsea boots for a start, something that’s clearly the wrong colour is Polly’s colony outfit…


How do we know it’s the wrong colour? Because there’s a colour production photograph that tells us what colour it should be!


Which means the colourisers should really have given us THIS instead:


And finally, does anyone think that Dalek embryos are brown???


Nah, Uncle Tewwance was right, the colour for monsters is green!!!


The colourised version of The Power of The Daleks is available on the upcoming Blu-Ray/DVD steelbook release, scheduled for February 6th in the UK.


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BLOOPERS! – Underworld

Over at Whoflix, we’ve just uploaded our latest Fan Edit, the dodgy CSO-fest that is Dr Who In Some Caves. So what better time to have a look at the bloopers in the story, although in some ways the production itself is the biggest blooper of the lot!

Boom mic Shadow #1underworld blooper 1

Even though the CSO screen for the story is blue, for some reason they put a green background in some shots instead of the space whirlpool, like this one..underworld blooper 2

Only to put the space whirlpool in others, like this one!underworld blooper 2.1

Looks like amongst all the other gifts the Time Lords gave the Minions was the gift of Blu-tack to help keep their microphones in place…underworld blooper 3

Microphone in shot #1underworld blooper 4

There’s that green background again! Where has the space whirlpool gone?underworld blooper 5

Boom mic shadow #2 on Tom’s shoulder…underworld blooper 6

Boom mic shadow #3 on Tala’s face, but you can track it as it moves across Jackson’s cossie to pick her up for her entranceunderworld blooper 7

Who’s this then? Is he a member of the Minion Crew we never get to meet? Or is he some BBC bod who’s just got himself in shot!underworld blooper 8

Boom mic shadow #4 on Tom’s face underworld blooper 9

Boom mic shadow #5 on the console thingyunderworld blooper 10

Microphone in shot #2underworld blooper 11

BBC bloke shutting the door!underworld blooper 12

Blue CSO carpet riding up as Idas runs over it…underworld blooper 13

Leela wears a bra! underworld blooper 14

Microphone in shot #3underworld blooper 15

BBC bloke with a smoke gun!underworld blooper 16

Microphone in shot #4underworld blooper 17

Leela does a Jo and flashes her knickers!underworld blooper 18

And finally, our old friend the console cable and it’s hi-tech hole in the wall!underworld blooper 19

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BLOOPERS! The Ark In Space

This Tom Baker classic, our latest Fan edit over at Whoflix, does quite well blooper-wise, and no, bubblewrap doesn’t count!

First up, here’s Sarah Jane doing a Jo and flashing her knickers!

ark space blooper 1

In this one, there are a couple of things that give away that the Ark isn’t in Space at all but resting in a BBC TV studio… on the floor…

ark space blooper 2

And again here, only much more obvious this time, is that grey studio floor [why did nobody think of painting it black?] and the rope lights used for the stars!

ark space blooper 3

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BLOOPERS! The Time Monster

As if there wasn’t already more than enough that’s wrong with The Time Monster in the story and cast departments, here are the bloopers!

First up, that shadow in the corner is the camera that’s just taken the close up of Jo…

time monster blooper 1.1

If you think being able to see the inside of the Police Box prop counts as a blooper, then this next one is a blooper. If not, don’t worry, there’s plenty more!

time monster blooper 1.2time monster blooper 1.3

Lab Boom Mic Shadow #1…

time monster blooper 1.4

This one’s a cracker – for some reason the Police Box prop is missing it’s floor!

time monster blooper 4.1

Director Paul Bernard made an unfortunate choice of camera angle for this shot, as the backdrop doesn’t match where the TARDIS was in the previous scene!

time monster blooper 4.2

Here’s Jo flashing her knickers…

time monster blooper 4.3

…and here’s the boom mic shadow that appears above her head just after!

time monster blooper 4.4

Lab Boom Mic Shadow #2…

time monster blooper 4.5

As promised, here’s Jo flashing her knickers. Again.

time monster blooper 5.1

The Doctor may have redecorated the console room, but he still hasn’t found a way to hide that bloody cable!

time monster blooper 5.2

Not to be outdone in the knicker flashing stakes, here’s Hippias and his red pants!

time monster blooper 6.1

That shadow in the bottom right hand corner looks like a camera to me…

time monster blooper 6.2

Here you can see the wooden handle the prop boys use to turn the Time Ram dial…

time monster blooper 6.3

And finally, if you look you can see that something else used to sit here on the console before the Time Ram dial was put in…

time monster blooper 6.4

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It’s easy to miss this one but you can see the top of the set!

kinda blooper 3

Here, the studio floor gives it away that they’re not in a jungle at all…

kinda blooper 1

But here’s one that you’ve probably missed as often as I have until now – either the Kinda have a TV station, or this is an unscheduled appearance by a BBC Camera!

kinda blooper 2

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BLOOPERS! – The Hand of Fear

I spotted three bloopers from this story, all in part three!

First up, if you look closely you can see that Eldrad’s hand is attached to an arm wearing a long-sleeved black jumper…

hand of fear blooper 1

Seconds later when the Doctor arrives, you can see the top of the set…

hand of fear blooper 2

And finally, when they get back to the Tardis you`ll see this boom microphone appear in shot – it stays on screen for a full five seconds…

hand of fear blooper 3

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BLOOPERS! – Warriors’ Gate

First, here’s a nice boom mic shadow on Marty Hopkirk’s head…
Warriors Gate Blooper 1

There are plenty of instances where you can see the studio lights, so I won’t list them all, but here’s one where they get reflected on the monitor behind Biroc’s leonine bonce…
Warriors Gate Blooper 2

Next, here’s our old friend the console cable…
Warriors Gate Blooper 3

This next one’s a belter. When the time winds hit K9, they forgot to put the effect on. If they had, it might have helped obscure the BBC smoke pipe being fed into the prop…
Warriors Gate Blooper 4A

…which you can see even more clearly when it’s full of BBC smoke! Whoops!
Warriors Gate Blooper 4B

Here’s the console cable again…
Warriors Gate Blooper 5

Here’s one of the many instances where you can spot the tv studio lights. This one you can see through the gap around the door frame…
Warriors Gate Blooper 6

You can see watch out for this again at the end of part four, but loook – K9’s hollow! No wonder he’s so light and easy to carry!
Warriors Gate Blooper 7

Keep an eye out for this boom shadow as it comes and goes on the table…
Warriors Gate Blooper 8

Yes, another shadow but just for a change, this one is being caused by a camera…
Warriors Gate Blooper 9

The gateway floor is clearly a black curtain and K9 still looks suspiciously lightweight…
Warriors Gate Blooper 10

… probably because it’s the hollow one again!
Warriors Gate Blooper 11

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