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Power of the Daleks Telecomic #2



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The Celestial Toymaker in COLOUR!

Over at Whoflix, we’ve recently posted our fan edit of The Final Test, the sole surviving epsiode of The Celestial Toymaker. Here’s some pix we colourised to go with the post…

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The Abominable Snowmen in COLOUR!

Over at Whoflix, we’re currently fan editing our way through the orphan episodes of Classic Doctor Who, and our latest is Episode Two of The Abominable Snowmen.

Here’s some colourised pix we made to go with the post…

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The Power of the Daleks: A Colourised Cock-Up!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad we’ve got The Power of the Daleks as an animation. For all its flaws, and there are plenty of them, as far as Whopix is concerned, having a dodgy animated version is better than having nothing but telesnaps and a few warped 8mm clips. And to be fair to those behind the project, a lot of the mistakes were clearly down to not having enough time or money for proper checking between the work of individual animators.  Blame the Beeb for that one.

So having disappointed fans all over the planet by having animated the episode with avoidable mistakes, the Beeb then compound their original error by colourising the monochrome original and getting the colours wrong!

It starts off okay, but look at the sky. This is meant to be the TARDIS in Antarctica at the end of The Tenth Planet, but the sky on Vulcan will turn out to be pretty much the same colour…


Hartnell on the console room floor looks okay too, but then they forget to colourise the titles. A colour animation with a B&W title sequence just looks weird…


So far so Meh but then, just when you’re starting to get a little bit excited about how this is going to look in colour, things go downhill pretty rapidly with our first sight of Ben & Polly…


I’m sorry but what the heck is Ben wearing? Yuck!


That’s more like it! As if that wasn’t bad enough, the console has turned from green to silver…


Whilst what Ben’s wearing may be open to debate, and he’s not wearing grey chelsea boots for a start, something that’s clearly the wrong colour is Polly’s colony outfit…


How do we know it’s the wrong colour? Because there’s a colour production photograph that tells us what colour it should be!


Which means the colourisers should really have given us THIS instead:


And finally, does anyone think that Dalek embryos are brown???


Nah, Uncle Tewwance was right, the colour for monsters is green!!!


The colourised version of The Power of The Daleks is available on the upcoming Blu-Ray/DVD steelbook release, scheduled for February 6th in the UK.


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The power of “The Power of the Daleks”

Since Fandom let out a collective Squee at the news that The Power of the Daleks would be released as an animation, it’s been one thing after another…



1] NOVEMBER 5th: The story will be available to buy from the BBC Store, released at the rate of one episode a day, starting November 5th at 5.50pm fifty years to the moment episode one was first broadcast. The first 1000 people to buy get free art cards. Whoopy-doo…

2] NOVEMBER 21st: The story will then be released on DVD

3] NOVEMBER 5th @ 5.50pm: There will be a Live Twitter release of the first three minutes of episode one

4] DECEMBER 31st: Colour version[!] available to buy from BBC Store

5] FEBRUARY 6TH: The story will be released on a Blu-Ray with both versions.

So how many times you can buy this?


Still, if it helps fund future animations…


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William Hartnell in colour

If Bill had lived to make an appearance in The Five Doctors, he might have looked something like this…

william hartnell five doctors


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William Hartnell in COLOUR!

See if you can spot which Hartnell stories these are from!

I thought you might like to see the raw frames before any artwork filters etc get applied. I`m really pleased with the way some of these colourised screengrabs have turned out, especially the last one where Billy`s bent over the blob. Just fits perfectly. Great fun to do, although I freely admit I`m not the greatest of colourisers – that honour goes to the incomparable Stuart Humphreys of Babelcolour fame.

Now if only I had the time, energy and patience for rotoscoping like a certain Mr Kelvington…

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