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Daleks on HIGNFY

In the Odd One Out Round from last night’s ep of Have I Got News For You, someone working on the show is clearly a Who Fan – nobody else would go to all the trouble of digging out a photo from The Dalek Invasion of Earth!

daleks hignfy


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R2D2 is a Dalek in disguise!

R2D2 Dalek

as seen HERE

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Dr Who in “Attack of the Daleks”!

from the pages of the 1968 TV Comic Annual…

Dr Who Attack Daleks 1Dr Who Attack Daleks 2Dr Who Attack Daleks 3Dr Who Attack Daleks 4



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Dr Who in “Jungle Adventure”!

from the 1967 TV Comic Holiday Special…

…with Daleks! yay!

Dr Who Jungle Adventure 1Dr Who Jungle Adventure 2


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Dr Who in “The Exterminators”!

from the pages of TV Comic…

Dr Who Exterminators 1Dr Who Exterminators 2Dr Who Exterminators 3Dr Who Exterminators 4

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Dr Who in “The Doctor Strikes Back”!

from the pages of TV Comic…

Dr Who Doctor Strikes Back 1Dr Who Doctor Strikes Back 2Dr Who Doctor Strikes Back 3Dr Who Doctor Strikes Back 4

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Horror Channel Dalek Game

Horror Channel Dalek Game

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December 20, 2014 · 1:53 am

The Daleks – 50 years ago today!

It’s not long until you realise that, having watched An Unearthly Child again on the exact same day as it originally transmitted fifty years ago, that you can do the exact same thing with every single episode of the Classic Series, which is what Whopix is doing.

I’m currently re-watching the show’s first year, week by week like they did originally back in the day. Nowadays, as soon as you get the DVD in the player you watch those B&W serials in one sitting, if you can sit through them all the way to the end, that is. So, as an experiment, I’m watching them a week at a time, just to see what it might have been like back in the day. And yes, I do watch them at the same TX time of 5.15.

Tonight’s episode, after three tedious weeks of cavemen, is a belter.

Exactly fifty years ago today, “The Dead Planet”, the very first episode to feature the Daleks, sort of, TX’d and gave us the first classic cliffhanger as Babs get menaced by a sink plunger.

Why not join in yourself and re-watch Hartnell a week at a time, it’ll certainly keep us going until Capaldi makes his debut proper next Autumn!

Alternatively, don’t forget you can still download my two-part Fan Edit of The Daleks!

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Dr Who in “The Dalek Revenge”!

from the pages of TV Comic…

Dr Who Dalek Revenge 1.1Dr Who Dalek Revenge 1.2Dr Who Dalek Revenge 2.1Dr Who Dalek Revenge 2.2Dr Who Dalek Revenge 3.1Dr Who Dalek Revenge 3.2Dr Who Dalek Revenge 4.1Dr Who Dalek Revenge 4.2Dr Who Dalek Revenge 5.1Dr Who Dalek Revenge 5.2Dr Who Dalek Revenge 6.1Dr Who Dalek Revenge 6.2Dr Who Dalek Revenge 7.1Dr Who Dalek Revenge 7.2Dr Who Dalek Revenge 8.1Dr Who Dalek Revenge 8.2

Next – VIRUS

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Character does Capaldi

In an interview with Alasdair Dewar from Character over at the Daily Record site, he says that there will be one of those rubbish “regneration” action figures [which I’ve never seen the point of] of Capaldi’s head on Matt’s body. So far so uninteresting. What’s much more interesting is the photo accompanying the article…

character options daleks

If you look, he’s sketching the current Tardis – does that mean we’re going to finally get another Playset? I’d buy it if we were, the last one was a bit rubbish, frankly. And if not, why is he sketching it?

Also, that looks like a Stars`n`Stripes Dalek just behind him. We’ve already had a Union Jack model, so does this mean the Yanks are going to get one of their own? Given that the profile of the series is rising steadily Stateside, that would seem to make commercial sense…


Didn’t know you could follow this bloke on Twitter but apparently you can, which is where I found out the following:

Apparently the Tardis design he’s working on in the pic is for another one of those Collect And Build things, but only for the 3.75″ range. Shame.

There will NOT be a 5″ Dr Capaldi.

YES, that is a Stars`n`Stripes Dalek

You can follow Al Dewar on Twitter – check out his photos, including a fab pic of a Troughton AF in his fur coat, which I hope is for an “Abominable Snowmen” set…

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