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BBC Animation Fan Survey!

Whopix is part of the BBC Worldwide Fan Panel, and their latest survey, which is now closed, was about the animated version of The Power of the Daleks.

As well as asking what we thought of it [fantastic it exists but a shame it’s so flawed], the BWFP went on to ask some very interesting questions about fans’ thoughts on future animated projects, such as this one:


So it seems the Beeb are considering doing their own Fan Edits of the animated missing episodes, something we’ve been doing over at Whoflix for years!

As for animated cut-downs, it all comes down to economies of scale. If it’s more economically viable to do a shorter version of The Dalek Masterplan than the whole epic thing then that’s what we’ll get. Simples. The Beeb have done this sort of thing before anyway, notably with Marco Polo and Galaxy 4, so it’s interesting to see that they’re trying to gauge fan resistance to the idea of cut-down compilation versions instead of every episode in full.

And “unaired” can only be a reference to Shada, meaning the Beeb are at least thinking about it…

Here’s the next one:


I’ve seen the Levine version of Shada and it’s a bit strange moving from live action to animation and back again, but you soon get used to it. And I’ve had to do it for my fan edits of The Reign of Terror, The Moonbase and The Invasion so it wouldn’t really be a problem for me.  It would certainly be more economic to do as there would be less to animate but the Dame Levine strain of fandom will have an apoplectic fit of Bidmeadian proportions at the very thought of it…

Then there’s the obvious one to ask:


The answer to which is clearly The Evil of the Daleks!  

The Daleks and the Troughton Doctor models already exist, helping balance the cost of creating characters from scratch such as Maxtible, Jamie, Victoria etc Perhaps that’s why the Beeb are questioning fans on cut-downs, they’re thinking of cutting the padding and the extraneous characters. Personally, Whoflix doesn’t have a problem with that, if nothing else it’ll make the fan editing of future animations a lot easier!

After Evil? From a sales and costs perspective it would make sense to do The Dalek Masterplan as, again, the Dalek models already exist. Masterplan is one story that you could justifiably cut down as it’s huge, over-long and very, very slow. They could incorporate Mission To The Unknown and skip The Feast of Steven!

This next one took me by surprise!


Animated versions of the Titan Comics??? Who saw that one coming!

Personally Whopix thinks more original animated Doctor Who would be a good thing, particularly if that animation was set during The Time War, with a soundalike voicing The War Doctor now that he’s sadly no longer with us.


As for animated versions of the Titan Comics stories, I think that one’s a red herring to help the Beeb gauge reaction to the idea of original animations. For a start, animated versions of Titan stories wouldn’t really be different enough to the comics themselves to be worth watching. And then there’s the question of who’s going to voice the deceased Doctors, let alone Eccles.

Personally, Whopix would like to see an animated version of his telecomic version of The Three Doctors…!



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Web of Fear by Lee Binding

Lee Binding`s brilliant DVD artwork mocked up as a Target cover. If only these were still in print…

web of fear target

Fantastic that it’s back in the archive but such a shame part 3 – Nic Courtney’s first ep – is still missing. Still, that Planet 55 mob will probably be the ones to animate it…

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Two Missing Episodes Found!

Looks like Christmas has come early after all…

The big news is not that Matt Smith recorded his last scenes yesterday [and possibly Peter Capaldi his first if that was when they did the regeneration] but that the sites of both the  Radio Times and The Mirror newspaper are reporting that  two missing episodes have been found and will be revealed at a press screening on Tuesday with the episodes released for download the following day!

Great news for Classic Who fans, and something I must admit I didn’t believe when the rumour of missing episodes being found first surfaced several months ago, but it seems those reports were at least partially true after all.

As you will doubtless recall, the rumour was that a massive haul of nearly 100 missing eps had been found via an african tv station. Now when this rumour first surfaced, I must admit I went Totally Victor Meldrew on the whole thing. We’d been here before and the number of episodes being talked about made the whole thing seem far too good to be true, which meant it obviously wasn’t.

However, it seems there was some truth in the story after all and I’m glad I was wrong about it. The two episodes we will find out about on Tuesday are both Pat eps apparently, which sadly rules out the Holy Grail of Tenth Planet 4, unless they are playing games with us. The reports say the eps are from two different Pat stories but before your inner fanboy has a mudburst of excitement that doesn’t mean one of them is Power of the Daleks 1, so we all need to calm down and not get too excited over the next day and a half. Even though I know that won’t stop you and that the internet – or at least the Dr Who corners of it –  will probably melt in the run-up to the reveal.

But outside of speculating on the identity of the two recovered eps, there are a couple of other questions we can mull over between now and Tuesday.

The first is why they are being released digitally instead of the Beeb simply announcing that they have found two episodes? There are two possible explanations for this – the first is that the Beeb simply want to maximise the publicity of the find in Anniversary Year and it’s part of this Ultraviolet download strategy that all the content producers seem to be pushing lately. Which could be a ruse to get us all to buy the download and then buy them again when they finally do come out on DVD, which surely they must…

The second is that the two eps in question are ones that have already been released in animated form, which would be a bit of a bummer given they’ve just shelled out for The Ice Warriors to be animated. If either of them had been one of the two missing eps of Reign of Terror that would really suck but it wouldn’t be so bad if they’re one of the ones missing from The Invasion! But that then begs the question, why make a big song and dance about the find if the two eps aren’t that special in themselves?

Does that then mean that the two episodes really are signifcant ones, by which I mean Power of the Daleks or Web of Fear or something like that? When they found the two eps of Galaxy 4 and Underwater Menace a while back, we got the standard announcement, so why the change of tactics this time? We will just have to wait and see and try to contain ourselves.

And of course then there’s the biggest question of all…

is this it or did they find more than just two?

Permission to Squee? Granted!

[Of course, if this all turns out to be just an announcement that you can now buy the recently recovered Galaxy 4 and Underwater Menace eps on bloody iTunes…]

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