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Mooncrest Models Tardis Console

I have never understood why Character Options never made the classic Tardis console one of their collect-and-build sets – are you seriously trying to tell me they wouldn’t sell better than a bloody Vespiform?

Mooncrest Models have got the right idea, their Tardis Console is a thing of beauty and I hope they sell shitloads.

mooncrest models tardis console 3

mooncrest models tardis console 1

mooncrest models tardis console 2

There’s loads more pics – and a brief video showing the mobility of the central column – on the Mooncrest Models page on Facebook.


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Jim Parsons IS Dr Who!

From The Skywalker Incursion

jim parsons big bang theory doctor who

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The Tardis in The Big Bang Theory!

Last night’s ep of The Big Bang Theory heavily featured Howard’s Tardis, which he stored at his late Ma’s house. Unfortunately for Howard, Bernadette doesn’t want it in their house… so Raj and Amy play ping-pong to decide it’s fate!


To find out what happens, watch The Skywalker Incursion, Series 8 Episode 19 as Dr Who’s conquest of America continues…

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Who Goes Glasgow!

Take the recent “shrinking tardis” pics. Remember your previous “Rude Who” posts. Add some Patter, a dash of Crazy Caption and mix with a good dollop of Malcolm Tucker-ing…

If you can speak Glasgow fluently, then you’ll get this nae bother!

glasgow who yaldy capaldi

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Steampunk Tardis!

Love the idea of a Steampunk Tardis and hopefully it won’t be too far in the future before we finally get one in the show for real. In the meantime there’s a cracking design by Wonderwig over at DeviantArt…

steampunk console room by wonderwig on deviantart

Best bit about this, apart from the whole Wood`n`Brass aesthetic [and the Gallifreyan rugs!] has to be the Idris glass statue in the centre of the console. That would be CG if it was in the show and I love the idea of it being an interface, allowing the the Doctor to talk to his Sexy Old Girl!


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Peter Capaldi IS The Doctor!


What I reckon it might look like in the TARDIS right after the regneration… “Well, Clara – what do you think?”

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August 5, 2013 · 2:14 pm

Bells of St John – Continuity Error!

when the Doctor comes out of the Tardis on his Anti-Gravity Bike, obv the doors are open, otherwise he wouldn`t be able to drive out would he…

tardis bike continuity error 1

…as Clara gets on the back of the bike it`s one continuous shot, with no cutaways, right up until she gets her own crash helmet and the Doctor gives the fez away…

tardis bike continuity error 2

but when they`re ready to drive off, the doors have magically closed themselves!

tardis bike continuity error 3

[perhaps it was that bird in the corner of this last shot – she`s looking very pleased with herself, as well a Featured Extra might on £60+ a day…]


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