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The Game of Rassilon

If only we`d had Character Options when they made The Five Doctors

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The Five Doctors Fan Edit – Part Four

Ok folks, it`s friday and that means the next episode of The Five Doctors for your downloading pleasure. One more to go!

The Five Doctors Fan Edit – Part Four

I`ve also updated the Fan Edit Forum with some notes on the edit of each episode. Thanks to Zagreus for the PM.

In other news, thanks to Doctor Who Toys dot net, I managed to pick up a Sontaran General Stahl figure for £3.99 from my local B&M store. Thanks guys!

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The Five Doctors Fan Edit – Part Three

Here is the third part of my Fan Edit of the Five Doctors


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The Five Doctors Fan Edit – Part Two

OK folks, Part Two of my Five Doctors Fan Edit is now available for your downloading pleasure:
Get it HERE


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The Five Doctors Fan Edit – Part One

Ok, with less than 24 hours to go til The Big Bang here`s the Fan Edit that came second in our recent poll – The Five Doctors.

This is part one of a five part fan edit of this story, each running about 25 minutes. There are several differences to look out for, the most important one of course being the inclusion of Tom Baker`s Doctor. I`m sure you`ve all realised that, since Tom didn`t take part in TFD, there`s only really one way that I could include him. That`s one of the reasons why this comes out at five episodes!

There are other things to look out for. Here are a few to whet your appetite –

The Title Sequence and End Credits
The Eye of Orion
The Timescooping of the Doctors – including Tom!
The arrival of The Master

To give me time to work on some of my other projects – namely my Three Doctors comic strip – the idea is to post an episode a week. That way you`ll have some “new” Who to look forward to after the surrent series ends. I discuss this fan edit in more depth over on the Fan Edit Forum – check it out for more reasons to download!

And don`t forget tomorrow sees the release of Blood of the Cybermen. Stand by for the Walkthrough.

Before that though, here on Whopix, it`s time to celebrate twenty years of Doctor Who with part one of The Five Doctors!


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The Five Doctors Fan Edit…

Hope you`re all enjoying The Twin Dilemma fan edit, had some really positive comments so far.

Next up is the story that came second in the poll – The Five Doctors!

This is a five-part fan edit with quite a few surprises in it, the biggest of which is the inclusion of Tom Baker! Yes, Tom finally makes it into the Death Zone via the inclusion fo some specially created shots and footage from – well, you`ll see on Friday when the first episode is available to download!

In the meantime, here are some Five Doctors pix which I should point out are NOT screengrabs from the fan edit. Well, one of `em is pretty close…

See you on Friday for part one!

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The Five Doctors Pix #1

OK, since we`re working our way through the Tenth Anniversary story, I thought it might be nice to have a quick look at the Twentieth Anniversary story too!

What does it say?

This was one of the first ideas for a composite I ever had. The pic of Tom is from Logopolis and somehow that Fan Gene in my brain made me think of this image. Seems to work, doesn`t it.

Tom looks for the Tomb - 1

Tom looks for the Tomb

Fairly pleased with these but I think I could do better now. The Leisure Hive was the only S18 DVD out at the time [you can tell by the hat!]


Here`s how a S17 Tom might have looked in TFD [the pic is from The Horns of Nimon]. Quite like this one.

The Five Faces Of Dr Who [almost]

The Five Faces Of Dr Who - almost

Really proud of this one. The screengrab of Tom is from Logopolis. It took me ages to find a moment where he had his eyes shut! Aside from the addition of Tom B, can you spot the other differences from the original?

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