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Mysterio meets Morphoton

Apart from the villains of Harmony Shoal making a return visit from last year’s The Husbands of River Song in this year’s Doctor Who Does Superman, am I the only one who thought that brains in jars was something we’d seen before…?

harmony shoal keys of marinus.png


The Keys of Marinus – DVD Easter Egg

The Keys of Marinus is a bit like an early version of The Chase, the beginning & end are ok, but there`s an awful lot of guff in the middle. It`s a pity Bill`s on holiday in the middle of the story too – his absence is more noticeable here than in say Marco Polo where you don`t really miss him. Well I didn`t anyway.

Bloopers to follow later but for now, here`s where you can find the Egg on the DVD :