Three Doctors Telecomic #4

doctor who three doctors comic strip 1.04


Coming up with suitably dramatic Marvel-esque captions, like here, was sometimes a bit of a challenge but always fun.

Love the look on Jo’s face!

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Three Doctors Telecomic #3

doctor who three doctors comic strip 1.03


Like the previous installment, lots of blue berets and use of the cloning tool…

Back in the day – 2011 – all the captions and speech balloons for this were done on Kerpoof, a resource which is sadly no more. It was a great little tool which allowed you to create that comic strip mixture of┬áNormal and Bold text within the speech balloon itself, saving you a lot of time and messing about with different layers.

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Three Doctors Telecomic #2

doctor who three doctors comic strip 1.02#Telecomics

If UNIT really had been a United Nations organisation, then they would have had blue berets instead of the bog-standard khaki ones. Blue CSO put paid to that so here it’s nice to give them the proper berets they would have had in the real world.

There are rather more of Omega’s ‘Orribles in this shot than there were on telly, another advantage of a Telecomic over a TV budget

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Three Doctors Telecomic #1

doctor who titan comics three doctors telecomicdoctor who three doctors comic strip 1.00doctor who three doctors comic strip 1.01


I love the design and layout of Titan’s Doctor Who Comic and so paying tribute to it for this project was always going to happen. Just as the TV story was 4 episodes, so the Telecomic adaptation is too and each issue will have its own cover.

Again, inspired by Titan but with a title sequence screen grab as a background. The little screens at the top were inspired by their use in DWM’s Fact of Fiction.

The huge amount of work involved in putting this together inevitably meant some cuts and Dr Tyler was the first to go. What makes this version different from the TV original is the addition of Hartnell so we want to get to the point where he turns up as quickly as we can. That’s why we start with the Dr & Jo arriving back at UNIT, after having investigated the disappearance of Mr Ollis on TV, as if they are just turning up for work!

First use of a split-screen panel, to help with the pace and to jazz things up a little bit given that, unlike a real comic strip, you can’t choose where to position the camera and everything is shot face on to the action.

One of the creative constraints of adapting the story for this format is that you only really have about six panels to play with, on average. So you have to structure your storytelling to take account of that, trying to end on a point of drama, a mini-cliffhanger, if at all possible. Like here.


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Whopix Comix – Coming Soon…


I originally completed this project a few years back, but I was never quite happy with it and didn’t really know why. Then Titan Comics came along and there was my inspiration!

Why do a “comic strip meets photonovel” adaptation of The Three Doctors anyway? Much as I like the TV story as transmitted, I can’t have been the only fan wondering what it might have been like if William Hartnell hadn’t been ill. And so I did this to find out.

Originally I didn’t really know what to call this form of adaptation, combining screen grabs with some colourisation and a bit of photoshoppery, but eventually I settled on Telecomic, a combination of Telesnap and Comic since all I’m really doing is following in John Cura’s footsteps.

And so I’ve completely updated the original and I’m much happier with it now. Having posted all the pre-DWM comic strips, and tackled The Underwater Menace as a TV Comic-style strip, the plan is to do some more stories like this. Now that I’ve pretty much completed my Fan Editing mission by doing all of the Classic Series, creatively, Telecomics is where Whopix is going next.

Whopix Comix Presents The Telecomic Adventures of Dr Who!

Starts Saturday 25th July.


July 19, 2015 · 10:10 pm

The Five Doctors. If Only…

william hartnell peter davison five doctors

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July 18, 2015 · 12:38 pm

Sean Pertwee’s at it again!

SP drops another subtle hint about Who should take over from Capaldi…

sean pertwee peter capaldi

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