Power of the Daleks Telecomic #5


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January 20, 2018 · 5:07 am

Power of the Daleks Telecomic #4


January 13, 2018 · 11:00 am

Power of the Daleks Telecomic #3


January 6, 2018 · 3:47 pm

Power of the Daleks Telecomic #2


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Power of the Daleks Telecomic #1

The telecomic returns! A while back, as long-term Whopixers will remember, I did a short survey asking what sort of telecomics you wanted to see on the site. Alternate versions of Classic Series stories was the top response and so what better story to start with than this one!

Given the variety of archive source material – telesnaps, photos, 8mm footage – I’ve tried to match things up as best I can but as you can see, the results will inevitably vary…

Row 1 – Telesnap, Telesnap, Telesnap, Telesnap

Row 2 – 8mm, 8mm, 8mm, Telesnap, 8mm

Row 3 – Photo, Photo, Telesnap, 8mm, 8mm

Row 4 – 8mm, Photo, Photo, Telesnap, 8mm

The idea for this has been knocking around for a while now, ever since I put together the telecomic for The Underwater Menace, so now seems like as good a time as any to finally bring it to life.  And colourising the story where required meant I could have Ben & Polly in their proper clobber, something that can’t be said of either Twice Upon A Time or the Charles Norton animation of Power!

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BLOOPERS! – Shada Animation


When Chris Parsons gets back to his lab, it’s just gone half-past mid-day…

Then the Ancient And Worshipful Law of Gallifrey falls onto the desk… and suddenly it’s half an hour later!

UPDATE: 20/01/2018

Here’s an even better one! How about three different versions of the corridor in Skagra’s carrier ship in three consecutive shots!

For all its flaws, at least the Levine Version got that one right…


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The Return of the Novelisation

It seems Penguin Books are going to release Target-style novelisations of New Series stories. Of course this is something we predicted a while back…

RTD’s two books are obvious choices and he wrote Damaged Goods for The New Adventures so I’m really looking forward to these. But maybe ever so slightly not so much as the two Moffats that we’re apparently getting as well…

With The Moff novelising possibly the two biggest stories of the New Series entire run before it finally swirls down the plughole, these two books should be even better reads. Question is how much stuff, if any will either of them add in the books’ text to what we saw on screen.

Oh, and we’ll get a reprint of James Goss’ City of Death novel too.


Of course, the real books won’t use the Classic Target Who Logo, they’ll use the current Pertwee-ish one they slap on all the CS merch these days. Which means they’ll probably look something like this:

UPDATE: 27/12/17

PAUL CORNELL is writing the novelisation of TUAT:



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Tom Baker Returns

As if we weren’t looking forward to Shada already, now we have the news that Tom Baker is going to be on camera again for the final scene… roll on December the 4th!

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Twice Upon A Tenth Planet

Colour corrected from the latest DWM, issue 519…

I don’t know about you, but the recreations of scenes from The Tenth Planet is probably the thing I’m looking forward to the most about Twice Upon A Time, the last episode of Doctor Who as we’ve known it. But the big question is, will we get to see the regeneration? Or will they cut it short like they did John Hurt into Eccles? And if we do, will Bradley turn into Reece Shearsmith again or a colourised Pat Troughton? Personally I hope it’s the latter, and only 39 days to go until we find out!


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Series 10 Boxset

If, like Whopix, you have Amazon Prime and pre-ordered the boxset of the final series of Doctor Who Series 10 from Amazon, it arrived yesterday.

The boxset is white which looks really strange next to all the previous black ones but it does come with three nice lenticular cards, one each for Twelvy [eyes open/eyes shut], Missy/the Master and Bill/CyberBill. And since there’s no little booklet to let you know what’s on each disc here are some screengrabs.

About the only thing of any real interest is the Deleted Scenes section on disc 5, which I can see working their way into a fan edit or two very soon…

DISC ONE: Commentary on The Pilot with Moffat and Mackie. Annoyingly there’s no Friend From The Future.

DISC TWO – Commentary on Knock Knock with the Writer and Director.

DISC THREE – Commentary on Oxygen with the writer, Mackie and Matt Lucas.

DISC FOUR – No commentary on any of the episodes.

DISC FIVE – No commentary on The Finale!

DISC THREE – The bloody Fan Show with the ultra-irritating  Christal Dee.

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