The Five Doctors Telecomic #1


doctor who titan comics five doctors telecomic 1The cover of “Issue 1” is a nod to the famous Radio Times cover for the original transmission…

doctor who five doctors comic strip tom baker 1.00

PANEL 1:  New Series Gallifrey plus Classic Series Dark Tower. Had to be done.

PANEL 5:  Slight updates to the shots of Troughton and Pertwee, and Bill added to make up the trio.

PANEL 6:  No celery. No question marks. Huge improvement.

doctor who five doctors comic strip tom baker 1.01doctor who five doctors comic strip tom baker 1.02

A slightly truncated version of the Eye of Orion sequence leads us into Tom’s arrival in the story…

Question One: if we’re going to do a telecomic version of the story, one where Dr Tom is involved, then where does the adventure take place for him? The obvious answer is at the start of Shada, since that’s where he got timescooped from on TV. However, that creates certain logistical problems. For a start it would mean adding Romana II to the story, and we’ll have enough to do adding Tom to the cast.

Question Two:  which version of Tom do we use? Which outfit will he wear? The burgundy one from his last year? The classic Hinchliffe version? Or the parody version with the extra long scarf and the flying ducks?

Answering both those questions led me to only one possible option for where the story takes place for Dr Tom, which in turn answered the question of which outfit he would be wearing…

Continues Tuesday.


11 thoughts on “The Five Doctors Telecomic #1

  1. This is going to be quite different! Marvellous I’ve watched it a thousand times, time for a new spin.

    With actual Tom and Bill!

    • In that case you’d be guessing wrong…
      Look again.
      The clue is there.

      “You see but you don’t observe”

      • Hmmm. Well Tom’s got the old Season 18 costume on the cover of course. Just can’t work out where in that year he may be lifted from. From the deckchair on Brighton beach, perhaps.

    • Quite a good chance actually, it’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while.
      As you’ll see if you look at the bottom of the page for Test Flight in the Troughton bit of the “Comics” section…!

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