The past five years have been really weird. After 45 years on the Fan Bus, I finally got off and watched it trundle off into the future without me. The Chibknob Years have been an artistic, commercial and ratings disaster. On the evidence we have so far, RTD2 and Doctor Pronoun won’t be much better…

But look – the proper logo’s back! Hooray!

At last, they’ve got something right.

And it’s gonna look great on the merchandise that people might actually start buying again…


3 thoughts on “Diamonds!

  1. Its small fry though compared to who Russell T Davies has chosen as The Doctor and the supposed transvestite companion. I’m not a collector though so it doesnt affect me. I’m still not sure if I’ll bother seeing David Tennant’s new incarnation (why another Tennant? Why didn’t they simply just go back to the old incarnation rather than waste another life for 3 episodes?), but I hope we’ll see some new Doctor Who novels featuring Classic Doctors for the anniversary since it seems unlikely any missing stories are coming to DVD. They missed a trick there. But who knows, they might surprise us.

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