BLOOPERS! – The Sensorites

I’ve just finished Fan Editing this story and spotted the following five bloopers…

First, there’s a boom mic shadow in Maitland’s ship…

sensorites blooper 1

Next, it looks like this particular Sesnorite could do with some more hair to help hide the fact that he’s really a human in a mask!

sensorites blooper 2

Now here’s a cracker – when the Sensorites are pursuing Ian and Barbara, they don’t need to bother going through the doors , they can just swing open that loose panel in the wall…!

sensorites blooper 3

And finally, here’s a couple of lovely Boom Mics in shot…

sensorites blooper 4

sensorites blooper 5

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One response to “BLOOPERS! – The Sensorites

  1. Joseph Quendon

    You are also forgetting the first shot of a sensorite, the space background can clearly be seen to be stretched canvas and also the photosensor on the wall was clearly about a foot to the right originally

    the marks from the drill were also in the bulkhead door from the word go

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